Hien Vuong Pasteur



144 Hopkins St, Footscray. Phone: 9687 9698

We love our next door neighbour Dulcie.

She’s got a bent sense of humour, is a seasoned traveller and a jazz fan.

But a few weeks ago we were aghast to discover her rich life was unpardonably devoid of one of life’s great experiences – pho!

What a spectacular honour, then, that it fell to Bennie and Kenny to initiate her.

There was never any question that we would go anywhere other than Hien Vuong Pasteur.

This place has gone from being our default pho joint to very much our preferred pho joint.

We started going there because Hung Vuong, just a few doors down the road, had become so wildly popular that tables were hard to come by and the service frequently got a bit mad and sloppy.

Since then Hien Vuong Pasteur has repaid our loyalty many times over.

I’m not about to suggest it’s the best pho in a phocentric neighbourhood.

But it IS right up there, the staff are lovely and it’s never so busy that getting seated becomes an issue.

With pho, surprises are generally not good and predictability a virtue.

Hien Vuong Pasteur’s pho is consistently excellent.

The broth is perfection, be it beef or chicken. The meat is always good and the bean sprouts and basil leaves always fresh.

The sliced beef is lean and tender, and there’s always a fair bit of it that comes to the table pink and still to be cooked in the broth.

What more could you want?

All the usual meat options are available, except pizzle, but we like ours plain.

Like all classy pho joints, Hien Vuong Pasteur has a handful of other dishes available – but why would you order crispy fried chicken with egg noodle soup, stewed beef or broken rice when you can have pho? I guess we DO vary our orders about once or twice a year.

For our Saturday lunch, Bennie and I ordered our regular small size slice beef and sliced chicken ($7.50). For many years, my standard order was medium size, please, but that seems too big for me these days. And who eats a large serve of pho? You don’t see one ordered that often.

Given she was a pho novice, I suggested Dulcie go for the sliced chicken, its broth being less funky and likely more familiar for her. She liked it a lot, although went without the sprouts and herb leaves.

Dulcie even ordered spring rolls to go to have for her dinner that night.

Bonus: On paying, Hien Vuong Pasteur has a lolly jar for the kids.

For a far more authoritative, enjoyable and insightful rundown on Footscray’s amazing Vietnamese eats scene, some serious reading time at the Footscray Food Blog of Ms Baklover is highly recommended. She knows her stuff!

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7 thoughts on “Hien Vuong Pasteur

  1. I usually go to Hung Vuong for my pho fix. I get into a pho rut and when I find one I like, it’s hard to go elsewhere. Will have to try Hien Vuong Pasteur I think. Glad Dulcie got to try pho and enjoyed it too!

    • Yes, pho joints tend bring out the same sort of loyalty as footy teams! Like I (tried to) say, we go to Hien Vuong mostly because it does brisk enough trade to be a really top-class place but seating is never a problem.

  2. Pho is sublime. Without pizzle, preferably! Do many of the Vietnamese restaurants you go to in Melbourne have great coffee? When I was in Ho Chi Minh city, the local coffee was the best I’d ever had. They served it with a mini-dripper (not the right term for it, I’m sure) over the cup. From memory (this was in the late 1990s), you poured the hot water in the top and it dripped through the next layer of ground coffee beans and into your cup. Can anyone else be more exact about this? I haven’t had coffee this way anywhere else. Waiters in restaurants back then spoke Vietnamese (of course) and French – not so much English.

  3. Pho Hien Vuong Pasteur is totally my favourite in Footscray so far, though I still have yet to try them all! It’s been two months living in Footscray, so I’m obviously not trying hard enough.

    I’ll confess I’m one of those freaks who orders the large, but that’s usually only if I’m starving, and/or if I’m hung over. Pho has magical properties which cures all that ails ya. ;)

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