Food truck spice welcome here

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The Flavour Institute, Watergardens Town Centre, Taylors Lakes.

Just a couple of summers ago, Somerville Road at Yarraville Gardens was sporting anywhere between 15 and 20 food trucks of an evening – every weekend!

Those times have certainly changed.

In fact, it all seems a little bonkers now.

Posting a link to this story on food trucks on the CTS FB page elicited some interesting feedback and comments.

Some supported my long-held belief that food truck mania in the inner-west was always destined for a short life once the novelty wore off.

Another theme that arose in the conversation was one that perhaps should have been obvious all along – that food trucks would actually find more of a happy, and more popular, home in the outer west.

The outer west – where there is good food, but where it’s generally not found in high-intensity settings such as Footscray, Yarraville, West Footscray, Williamstown, Sunshine, St Albans and Kensington.

Which is why I pricked my ears up when I heard about The Flavour Institute.

This is a brand new food project at Watergardens Town Centre in Taylors Lakes.

Yes, it’s what is called these days a pop-up venture.

However, my understanding is that while the space being used is destined for other uses in the longer term, The Flavour Institute will be around for quite a few months.

The space itself is rather nice – there’s heaps of seating and toilets are right handy.

Not all the stallholders have food truck heritage.

But many of them do.

Regardless, these are all small businesses it’s good to see getting a leg up in an outer west setting in which they may prospser.

When CTS visits for a mid-week lunch, some stallholders have yet to move in.

But I enjoy perusing what’s available – certainly way ahead, for my tastes, of what’s to be had in one of the centre’s regular food courts, with the usual suspects, about 200 metres away.

The Flavour Institute line-up is:

  • Blonde Chilli
  • Drums
  • El Paletero
  • Food Symphony
  • Fury & Son Brewing Company
  • Gorilla Grill
  • Hofstra’s Hives
  • Honey Dee
  • Hop Nation
  • La Revolucion
  • Levain
  • Loaded Gourmet Popcorn Chicken
  • Mini Indulgences
  • Refresher Truck
  • Senor Churro
  • STIX
  • Sweet Forbidden Journey
  • The Pie Life
  • Tiramisu Lift Me Up
  • 99th Monkey Nut Butter

As well, there are smaller stalls with various interesting products for sale.

And there will cooking classes and other entertainment.

And certainly, I really enjoy my curry plate from Drums ($12) – goat curry, dal, potato curry, rice and papadums.

Check out The Flavour Institute website here.

One thought on “Food truck spice welcome here

  1. Reminds me of the Amsterdam Foodhallen in an old tram depot I went to last year – that site is very successful & very yummy! If only the TFI had a Bitterballen stand. Anyway, might need to drop by, most exciting food options


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