Melb’s best tacos

Dingo Ate My Taco, Chifley Drive/Coulson Gardens, Maribyrnong. Phone: 0413 513 977

The photos that came by text message from Bennie are blurry – side-by-side tacos snagged while on one of his lockdown ambles, one that found him as far away as northern Maribyrnong.

Maribyrnong the suburb, not the LGA!

But the excited phone call that quickly follows could not be more focused.

“These are the best tacos I’ve ever had!” he enthused.


That’s enough for me – so here we are, tootling off on official Consider The Sauce business for the first time in about six months.

We’ve had some good tacos in our time – but we’d be lying if we had you believe they’re among our very favourite things to be found in the wonderland that is western suburbs food.

But I’m sure open to persuasion.

The Saturday lunchtime scene at Coulson Gardens is relaxed, with just enough people – many in picnic mode – to create a bit of a buzz without feeling crowded.

That’s quite a contrast from the scene we can see across the river in Essendon, where the cricket crowds seem to be heaving.

The crew manning the Dingo food truck is a happy and willing one, and they help us make our choices from the whiteboard menus.

We go with family special #3 – the birria quesataco plate of three beef brisket tacos served with coriander, onion and salsa and a side of “consume”. This costs us $19 each.

As well, being of profoundly robust hunger, we chuck in a tub of corn chips and salsa for $5.

The consommé is nowhere near the spiciness its fiery red hue suggest. But still – very nice, very beefy.

The tacos?

Here’s the CTS verdict – they really are the best tacos we’ve had in Melbourne.

A bit crunchy, a bit chewy, both nicely cheesy and greasy – and all-round delicious.

As well, these tacos – and, indeed, the whole experience – have a street food vibe about them.

Perhaps tacos should only EVER be enjoyed from a food truck?

With the corn chips/salsa and a couple of Jarritos soft drinks thrown is, our lunch has cost us $53.

We’re fine with that even if it seems just a tad pricey for a food truck meal.

We believe it will be some time before we start to deviate from the home-cooking habits that have developed through lockdown and so have resolved that when we do eat out that there will be no cutting of corners or tight-fistedness.

As well, the heft of the meal dispels any lingering suspicions that tacos are a good way to spend quite a lot of money and still feel hungry.

We don’t start to feel peckish for dinner until well into the evening.

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