Turkish love vibes


Gozleme Pide and Sweet House, 311 Racecourse Road, Kensington. Phone: 0481 269 556

Gozleme Pide and Sweet House is a Turkish restaurant, true.

Yet somehow that description seems inadequate to describe a wonderful place where so much is going on.

Here you’ll find the dips/bread/salad/meat combos expected of a “Turkish restaurant”, though it is a long way from being a “kebab shop”.

Here there be also – as the name indicates – gozleme and pides.

And the desserts?

Oh my – there’s a startling array of sweetness to be had, one we are only starting to get our heads, and taste buds, around.

Topping off all this excellence are Hakim and Sevgi (she’s the baker).

From 2011 to 2020, they ran Flemington Kebab House, just a few doors up the road.

With their new joint, open since March, they are running full blast with the idea of home-style food with a profound emphasis of fresh and yum.

Their genuine customer care and delight in sharing their food raises them to lofty status.

Hakim intuitively understands our desire to try a wide range of the available without over-ordering, so he delivers us a couple of plates/bowls that are “off menu”, as well as mixing up the dips that are part of our mains choices.

Lentil kofte ($10 for six) are beaut, lemony cigars made mostly of bulgur.

We have eaten – and eat – a whole lot of chilli sauces/dips/gravies derived from cooking traditions the world over.

But I don’t think it’s any kind of stretch to state that Turkish chilli dip is our all-time fave – and the version served here is right up there with the very best.

We just love the chilli bite matched with tang and crunch.

The yoghurt/cuke and red capsicum dips are just as good.

Lentil soups are another world-wide staple with which we have wide experience, including at home.

The Gozleme Pide and Sweet House rendition is of the smooth, mild, blended variety.

It’s nice, but doesn’t really grab us. Perhaps the other soup (white bean) for us next time.

For me, it’s the grilled chicken meal for $20.

The many chicken pieces are superbly tender and tasty.

They’re abetted by spot-on accompaniments – more chilii dip joined by great hummus, tabuly, grilled tomato and capsicum, and cabbage salad.

Bennie and Veronica choose the lamb kovurma meal ($20).

The lamb kovurma is plain and tender, simply all chopped up and finished in the oven.

Both plates are topped with a couple of lamb kofta patties and yet more of those fabulous salads ‘n’ dips.

Our main have been presented with what at first I take to be a regular Mid-East serving of rice laced with broken vermicelli.


Turns out this actually bulgur with the aforementioned noodle bits – and it’s a pre-prepared product.

We will getting some of this for our pantry; such a great thing to have with dips, koftas and the like.

We three are rather joyful to be eating so well and, mostly, so healthily.

Sweets – including baklava – go home with us, while the gozleme and pides will wait for another day.

2 thoughts on “Turkish love vibes

  1. Visited based on your recommendation. The food was delicious and the hosts were super friendly. And the little semolina cakes soaked in fresh orange juice were fantastic.


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