Vietnamese. In Spotswood?

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Spring Rolling, 608A Melbourne Road, Spotswood. Phone: 9017 5913

Through more than 15 years with one agent across three properties, we are well used to property inspections.

This time, though, there’s something of a wrinkle – the property manager doing the biz, for the first time that I can recall, is a bloke.

He’s bemused to be chatting with Kenny Consider, whose food rantings he once enjoyed in a certain suburban newspaper chain.

Back when that was a thing.

For my part, I am bemused to be handed an intriguing tip – one of this South Kingsville resident’s fave places is a Vietnamese joint.

In Spotswood!

Duly noted and set down for almost immediate exploration.

So off we head for a Saturday lunch.

Well, no wonder we’ve never noticed Spring Rolling.

It’s been open since March, but we could drive past for years without it registering, such is the anonymous nature of the piece of Williamstown/Melbourne Road on which it resides, that vague impression fanned by the fact that the traffic here is something of bottleneck requiring stern driver attention.

Spring Rolling is, as we’d guessed, geared very much towards takeaway/delivery business.

But the interior is pleasant and cheerful, with a couple of tables and window bench seating.

We make ourselves at home.

We are not expecting anything by way of exotica or regional dishes.

So no surprises for us that the menu (see below) is a mainstream collection of greatest hits.

And that, too, is fine by us.

The food we enjoy is excellent – fresh, zingy and delicious.

Our food is presented in the same cardboard containers that are heading out the door.

Fine – we customise by ripping off the flaps for eating ease.

Bennie goes the bun/vermicelli route – with fresh sliced beef ($15).

He pretty much inhales the lot.

In quick time.

A winner!

For me it’s com/rice with grilled chicken ($15).

The chicken is not high on smoky grill flavours, but is fabulously tender, chooky and yummy.

As with Bennie’s meal, all the bits, pieces and accessories are in fine order.

What a wonderful boon Spring Rolling must be for locals on both sides of Williamstown Road.

Hudsons Road and Vernon Street are not without their charms and assets, but Vietnamese food – or, really, anything like it – is not what they’re about.

We see a bunch of Saturday lunch delivery drivers come and go as we dine – testament, surely, to the place’s popularity.

And despite being situated right on a very busy road, parking is plentiful on the side streets.

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