What’s shakin’? A whole lotta parotta goin’ on!

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Parotta Station, 28a Millers Road, Brooklyn. Phone: 9314 9934

Our previous post on Parotta Station was a long time ago.

Five years ago, to be precise.

But, of course, it seems like a LOT longer.

Through thick, thin and upheaval, Parotta Station has kept on trucking, gaining some plaudits along the way and winning a solid base of fans.

There’s been changes, as you’d expect.

The prices have headed northwards, but it’s still a bona fide cheap eat.

As well, the dining area has been spruced up, making eating here even more of a pleasure.

There’s a variety of curries available, some of which seem to be unique to this place, well in the western suburbs anyway.

There’s biryani, kothu, some Indo-Chinese, too.

But our fave remains the eponymous flatbread.

A recent FB post alerted us a variation on that theme – bun parotta!

Must try!

Parotta with salna cost $14 these days – and that’s still a bargain for what is a superb light feed.

The bun parotta, as expected, resemble scrolls or escargot.

Because of their depth, the centres are a bit doughy – not in any problematic way – and the outers a cool mix of crisp and chewy.

The fried egg is a marvel – expertly fried, peppered and salted.

The salna/gravy is coconutty smooth and studded with veg and meat pieces. A veg version is available.

Next time we’ll probably revert to the flatbread parotta.

But whichever way you jump, this is one of Melbourne’s great meals.

Our other top pick at Parotta Station is surely one of Melbourne’s very best cauliflour dishes.

Google “varuval” and you’ll find a heap of recipes for chicken varuval.

But why go chook when you can go cauliflower?

Parotta Station’s cauliflower varuval is another bargain at $12.

This a dry fry dish.

The coating is grease-free and mildly seasoned, but of a delicious complexity nevertheless.

What a bloody wonder!

Forget splitting a $12 serve between three of four people.

One serve per two people is more like it – or even one per person!

Parotta Station is a jewel.

And we love that’s it’s in such an unlikely situation.

Earlier story here.

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