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Haiki & Co, 33 Beachley Street, Braybrook. Phone: 0408 396 921

Coverage of Braybrook at Consider The Sauce, through the years, has been scant.

Well, apart from those eateries we have enjoyed on the Ballarat Road aspect of the suburb.

Nevertheless, every time we are scooting up South Road, bound for Sunshine or elsewhere, we inevitably grab a fleeting glimpse as we pass of the gorgeous old shopping strip on Beachley Street, always hoping for some kind of food stuff to be going on there.

Now there is in the form of Haiki & Co.

Actually, there has long been foodiness here, though not with neon lights blazing.

Haiki & Co itself resides in the premises formerly occupied by Romu, which afaik was a rather ritzy and much-loved take-home/catering sort of affair.

And, as we discover during a guided tour of the precinct by one of the Haiki owners, other Beachley Street shops are active in the fields of baking and chocolate.

The early morning aromas can be, I’m told, rather intoxicating.

Haiki & Co is a cafe – of sorts.

Internally, it is – as it now stands – all kitchen, with eat-there options down to a couple of outdoor tables.

This means the joint is very reliant on take-away and delivery services – it is on Uber Eats and DoorDash.

And while regular dinner hours are being observed, impromptu openings for the odd lunch service are being posted on the eatery’s Facebook page.

So it behooves food fans to follow them there for updates.

We have – and that’s how we end up enjoying a sunshiney lunch on a public holiday.

And what a fine time we have.

The food we enjoy is very good, remarkably priced – and the whole deal is pretty wonderful.

From the entree list (all priced at $8, see full menu below) we start with cauliflower falafel with babaganoush.

They are excellent in every way, containing combining traditional chick peas with cauliflower in superbly deep-fried packages.

Such skilled frying so early in the day – we are the day’s first customers – augurs well, we reckon, for the chips to be served with Bennie’s soon-come burger.

We are happily compensated for being served three falafels (instead of the listed four) by being presented with the missing patty accompanied by a serve of samosas.

These, too, are terrific.


The chips that come with Bennie’s chicken burger are just as good as we expected.

The burger itself ($16, bacon $2 extra) is a no-fuss, straight-up tidy piece of work.

Nothing too flash – just good ingredients well done.

My Asian-style linguini ($18) is a treat of a quite different sort – but just as lovely.

The noodles aside, the main ingredients are chicken and mushrooms.

It looks a bit like pad thai or char kway teow and tastes like neither – which as it should be.

It’s only mildly spiced, despite the many chilli flecks mixed through.

Haiki & Co is a massively cool and friendly place to dine – or get takeaway!

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