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We’re mainly concerned with Melbourne western suburbs cheap eats … but not exclusively.

There’s many hundreds of food blogs in Australia – and a goodly whack of them are concerned with Melbourne and Victoria. Yet frequently when I and my fellow foot soldier in the pursuit of funky eats, Bennie, discover a new bakery, noodle shop, deli, cafe, gelati joint or market, a simple check online to see what others have to say about them turns up … nothing, or at least not much at all.

So this here site will be a record of our foodie and related explorations of what I consider to be our “neighbourhood”, which roughly stretches from Williamstown to Sunshine to Moonee Ponds and Flemington. We are also known to venture to Brunswick (Sydney Rd, for some reason, has become a Saturday lunch regular), Carlton and Fitzroy, and also are well familiar with the alleyways and back streets of the CBD and Chinatown.

But the other side of the river? Why would we bother?

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Comments and (particularly) hot tips most welcome!

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Kenny’s oft-spoken rule No.1: “Bennie, tonight we’re gonna go somewhere we’ve never eaten at before and we’re gonna order something  we’ve never had before!”


KENNY WEIR is a journalist/editor/researcher/writer by trade, but food hound and music nutjob are his true callings. He was raised in Dunedin, New Zealand; moved to Melbourne in the mid 1980s; and has lived in Melbourne’s west for a decade. In the ’80s and through the ’90s he was a frequent visitor to New Orleans and the cajun country of South Louisiana, inhaling as much of the food, music, beer and general all-round ambiance as he could suck up. Since then, fatherhood has taken him on a different kind of journey. At home, he cooks mainly Italian and Indian.

His co-conspirator, BENNIE MINTER WEIR, 12 going on 13, sailed though toddlerhood hating tomatoes and potatoes … but loving chips. These days he loves tomatoes and spuds, and has come a long way since the early days of this blog. He evens likes eggplant these days. He has a healthy tolerance for spicy and is mostly happy to go along with another of his dad’s rules: “You don’t have to like it – but you DO have to try it!” His participation in Consider The Sauce is fabbo, and his tastes are growing and developing accordingly.


We can be contacted at kenny cts blog (all wun word) @ gmail dot com



29 thoughts on “About considerthesauce

  1. Where are the reviews of real western suburbs’ eateries? Surely Moonee Ponds and Puckle St are more Greens than Labor, if you get my drift.


  2. Hi Kenny ! I finally get to go on your food blog. Thanks for the great blog on my “Olive Shop Cafe”. It was really kind of you. Thank you for supporting your local business and I’m pleased that you finally came into the shop/cafe when you ran out of oil and hadn’t just got some from somewhere else. I’m also pleased that you like our coffee. Would you believe it, this is my first blogging experience ever. I’m still getting used to fb and still don’t know how to tweet but I’d love to follow your foodblog. Come and visit again soon and I’ll personally make you an espresso! salam, Nani


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  4. Hello Kenny – love the blog! I’ve been frequenting “Pho Delight” at the Woodgrove Shopping Centre in Melton the last couple of weeks and their pork belly baguettes/banh mi are awesome. Check them out and let me know what you think.


  5. Hello Kenny!
    There are three new Afghan restaurants in the pipeline in Sunshine – two in Hampshire Rd and one in the Sunshine Plaza next to Big Fields – so obviously the success of Afghan Master kebabs has inspired their countrymen and women! The first to open is Afghan Shaheen on Hampshire Rd near the station – in the spot of the very short lived Sudanese restaurant that never quite opened. It is a restaurant with Afghani and Indian dishes but also a sweet and biscuit shops. The chef makes all the sweet himself and is the loveliest man.

    Their address is 231 Hampshire Rd and their number 0449 988 735.

    Thanks again for letting people know how exciting the West is!

    Sophie D


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