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Good Good Burgers, 128 Mitchell Street, Maidstone. Phone: 9318 2566

We have attended 128 Mutchell Street, Maidstone, quite a few times.

Several when it was inhabited by Los Latinos.

Sadly just once when it was On The Bone – but it was fabulous.

Sadly, too, we missed out on its giros carnation – by all accounts it was real fine.

Now it’s back as a nfity burger joint.

And run, we are led to understand, by pretty much the same teams responsible for the bone/giros operations.

TBH, we’d not have known of this last development had not a friend whose food pronouncements I trust posted on FB, including a good-looking pic and giving a hearty endorsement.

I opined that the burger in question looked very nice indeed – and had the look of a project that was a mix of American and Aussie burgers styles.

“Very much so,” she enthused.

So, when we try for ourselves, is that how it shapes up?

Well, yes – to some extent.

More importantly, the burgers we are served are tip-top in every way.

Myself, Veronica and Bennie all go for the beef deluxe – regular ($14) for her, double ($17) for dad and son.

The menu description reads thusly: “Milk bun, beef, bacon, lettuce, tomato, pickles, cheese, garlic aioli, ketchip.”

Not much to say really – these are just plain good and tasty and we will happily inhale them again.

Chips and sauce cost an extra $4. The chips are fine and the sauce provided a lovely mustardy mayo concoction.

We also order a serve of fried chicken wings ($6 for three, $11 for eight).

These are sensational – crispy crisp, ungreasy, super yum.

Good Good Burgers is already a popular destination, so it’s worth giving some consideration to the day and time of your visit to avoid rush hours!

2 thoughts on “great great

  1. We too miss Los latinos, On the Bone, and like our trusted reporter missed the giros incarnation. But these burgers are good indeed. Yes, the same team that brought you on the bone, so they know meat. We had the beef deluxe, and the buffalo chicken. Both spot on! If you like the old school pickles, they are substantial, and a great compliment to the burgers. Thank goodness they are back!!!


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