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Sunshine Social, 64 Glengala Road, Sunshine West. Phone: 9312 0223

The post-lockdown adjustment to our eating out outlook will inevitably change, we mostly surmise.

But in the meantime we are fully reveling in a freshly found sense of freedom, a sort of giddy glee that is accompanied by an internal acknowledgement just what a joy and privilege it is.

Mind you, we are not full bore out there – yet. We won’t be standing, jostling shoulder-to-shoulder anywhere anytime soon.

But that’s OK as that’s never been our go anyhow.

In the case of our mid-week lunch at Sunshine Social, we have the place pretty much to ourselves. And the drive has provided some much-needed driving time for Bennie as he works towards getting his licence.

We rate the place highly, but since our initial story soon after it opened, our visits have been infrequent as it is just a tad outside our nearby locales to be considered a local.

But we have noted with satisfaction, upon viewing social media pics and comments, that the former servo has forged a handy niche in its own neighbourhood.

As per that first story, I order half a chook, chips and coleslaw – because that’s what I ALWAYS order when in charcoal chicken circumstances.

Bennie orders the same.

Normally, when we’re on blog duty, this would be a no-no.

But post-lockdown, this, too, has been adjusted to a less pernickety “do exactly as you want” attitude.

In this particular instance, the outcome pleases us both.

Because we absolutely love a meal we will be discussing for decades to come.



Our chicken meals differ from the one I enjoyed very early in the Sunshine Social story in two important regards.

For one, the price – $18.50 – is significantly less than the “proper restaurant” figure previously charged, putting it within just a couple of bucks of your standard charcoal chicken pricing for such a combo.

Given the quality of the food, this is an extraordinary bargain.

Because – no lie – this is the best charcoal chicken meal I’ve ever cosumed.

And that’s saying a huge lot.

The chicken, every bit of it, is succulent and juicy.

Yep, even the denser bits to do with the breast meat.

As well there’s a delectable whiff of American-style barbecue cooking about it.

Oh boy.


The coleslaw – a handsome pile – is the perfect foil. It is perfumed with dill and only lightly dressed.

That’s quite a difference from the mayo-laden slop served up pretty much universally in old-school chicken shops.

We kinda like that tradition, too, but it’s super awesome to be fed something with way more class.

(The coleslaw has been substituted at our request for the green salad normally served with this meal. We are unsure whether this arrangement will be available to all customers and/or at all times.)



To cap it all off, we both receive and enjoy substantial serves of very excellent chips.



Oh yeah – as a starter we also enjoyed our serve of roast beetroot hummus with flatbread for $5.50.

But as we depart it’s a little tricky to even recall that particular dish as it is overshadowed by perfect poultry.

Visit the Sunshine Social website, with menu and prices, here.


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