Chai N Dosa, sit-down style

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Chai N Dosa, 310 Ballarat Road, Braybrook. Phone: 0420 262 274

Since first writing about Chai N Dosa more than a year ago, it has become a mainstay for us.

We found it especially useful during those long lockdown months, wherein we joined the many fans of the place for takeaway goodies that were always enjoyed, picnic style, in nearby Cranwell Park.

Mostly we’ve been OK with the wait times.

But there have been times when shuffling around the used car lot with other customers has been a bit of a drag.

And there have been, too, times when we’re read the signs of bulk customers and an eating service barely coping so we’ve split for elsewhere.

So we are delighted, upon fronting up for a Saturday lunch, that Chai N Dosa has become a restaurant proper.

The long-observed building activity has produced a real neat dining house.

Heavy on wood, it has a lovely airy and rather rustic feel about it.

It has, mind you, a perfectly fine fast-food vibe going on.

And there seems no doubt that takeaways and deliveries will continue to be the outfit’s mainstay.

But we are VERY happy to be seated and sheltered.

The kitchen is WAY bigger than that in the pokey caravan/truck that preceded this bricks and water (joke for a former colleague) version of the business. This is no doubt a boon for the hard-working staff.

And while polystyrene containers continue to be headed out the door, eat-in service is done utilising cardboard.

Chai N Dosa, it seems, will remain a lunch destination for us.

So that means we miss out on the specials we see on Facebook such as fry piece chicken with pulao.

So I am delighted to opt for a special posted on the menu board – poori with aloo curry ($11.99).

Pooris? Could well be my favourite kind of deep-fried dough!

I devour my three with glee.

The aloo curry is not what I’m expecting at all – but it is very good.

The fine spuddy sludge is dotted with corn and cashews!

Bennie opts, as on so many other occasions, for the standard masala dosa ($10.99).

It maintains the high standard we have come to expect from Chai N Dosa.

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