Fresh On Young


34 Young St, Moonee Ponds. Phone 9375 3114

Young St is parallel to Puckle St, while Fresh On Young faces out on to the carpark adjacent Safeway.

This ain’t no supermarket – it may stock the likes of loo paper and laundry powder and so on, but not so that I’ve noticed.

On the other hand, nor is it a humble suburban fruit and vegie outfit. Nope, it’s more like a super-charged greengrocery.

In fact, the depth, breadth, colour and vitality of this outfit delivers much of the vibe of a visit to, say, Footscray market with very little of the jostling and hassles.

It’s a long building with a narrow street frontage, but it’s surprising how much they cram in there without ever engendering a cluttered or claustrophobic feel.

They have all the fresh fruit and vegies well covered, from staples to the more exotic, with specials to the front or outside.

The meats are all shrink-wrapped, but they cover a lot of bases there, too. We regularly pick up a six-pack of Italian pork sausages, which are as good as any we use for pasta sauces and seem more competitively priced than more specialist places. They even had goat when I dropped in a few weeks back.

The deli section down the end appears at first glance to be rather modest, but a look closer reveals they have all aspects of that covered, too.

There’s all the pasta, oils and vinegars and so you could want. I usually pick up some of the Motta or Lavazza coffee that’s on special, while down the front there’s also a pretty good selection of breads on hand – ranging from pide to sourdough.

There’s two checkout counters, one on either side at the front, and between them they can handle four shoppers at a time. I’ve always found the service quick and hassle-free.

Sadly, Fresh On Young is too far away from our Yarraville pad to be our regular one-stop grocery store. I wish!

11 thoughts on “Fresh On Young

  1. It’s hard to find really fresh vegetables, except at the markets. Our local supermarkets are a disgrace, particularly on weekends, and our local fruit & vege shop yesterday (Thursday) was full of half-dead, limp, bruised offerings. Fresh on Young sounds delightful. Wish we had a branch I could walk to in Melbourne’s north.


  2. Apparently, the Preston market is great. But the shops closest to us are dreadful most of the time. I wish I had the time & inclination to grow my own vegetables. I might start! At least herbs, which are awful in the supermarket: basil encased in plastic smells rotten, parsley is limp with yellowing leaves, and don’t expect anything as exotic as fresh tarragon. Last week, there was no parsley for two days. I could go on and on!


    • “I wish I had the time & inclination to grow my own vegetables.”

      Ha! I have many-times-proven anti-green thumbs – give me a plant and it dies.

      Blimey that sounds dire, where you’re at. Even our local IGA and greengrocer have parsley and many other herbs, always in good nick. And we also hang out at the Little Saigon market – which I”m sure in due course I’ll get around to covering hereabouts.


  3. What a little find! Other good independent grocers are Altona Fresh in Second Ave, Altona Nth, and the Lebanese grocer at the Circle, also Altona Nth. Neither have meat though, from memory. If you love a good coffee, next time you are here, be sure to stop by Nabiha in Hall St. It’s just past the new shopping mall. They make a fantastic cup.


  4. Oh i love this little fruit shop & grocer 🙂 Have you tried LaManna Direct at Essendon Fields? Im sure you will have a lot of fun in there if this sort of stuff is up your alley, and it’s pretty massive too.


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