Food Blogger Spam No.2


Hi Kenny.

I am Ashley from FoOooOoD. pampering yourself. I have been following your blog for a long time. I must say that I love your blog! I am writing to discuss about the potential collaboration in spreading the word about your blog to more food lovers!

FoOooOoD. pampering yourself connects restaurants, cafes and bars with food bloggers and twitterers, and also food lovers in general. We identified the trend that people like taking photos of great food, and blog, tweet and facebook (share photos on facebook) about them. You as a great blogger are the best example!

You have fantastic food-hunting experience and been doing great reviews for restaurants (free marketing). Although you do it because of passion, we strongly believe that the restaurants should acknowledge your effort and other food lovers’, for example by giving free meals and great deals. That’s what we do. I have been talking to some Top100 Food Bloggers and Twitterers. Besides that, we created a facebook page recently. In less than a week, we have got 119 “like”s and our target is to hit 400 by the end of December! Apart from that, we are also gathering content for our website.

This is the exciting part – our main website concept is to display photos taken by food bloggers. Say we post the photo of your favourite Churrasco at La Morenita. Food lovers are then attracted by the photo, so they click on it. This will direct them to the page on your blog. In other words, we direct traffic to your blog and provide a platform for food lovers to find out more about great food bloggers. The Masterchef Callum has agreed to share his, we would love to have yours too! Could you please share your favourite blog articles with us, so that we could post them on our website to be viewed by our food lovers?

Would really appreciate it if you could consider this. Look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks. Have a great day!



Mobile | +61 433 011 239

Email |

Facebook | FoOooOoD.pamperingyourself

Twitter | FoOooOoDpamp



Hello there … Thanks for the kind words about our blog.

However, I have a few points …

1. No one has been following our blog for a long time – it’s only been going since August.

2. Great reviews of restaurants are not the same as free marketing. To say so is twisting the situation to serve your aims. Which is not to say restaurants don’t use reviews for marketing purposes …

3. Your statement “You as a great blogger are the best example!” – is ridiculous. Sending such a comment, the SAME COMMENT, to me and Gods knows how many others is disrespectful.

4. We pay for all our meals; we will continue to do so. If we are offered privileges, we may well accept, depending on the situation. But we do not expect freebies or the like. Nor is that reason we are blogging.

5. Masterchef is not about food – it’s about TV.

6. Supposing for a moment your scheming is sincere and/or your schemes have merit … bombarding bloggers with such a slapdash, informal email is no way, IMHO, to go about winning friends. You sound like a bunch of frat boys chasing a free lunch.

7. Regarding your statement: “We strongly believe that the restaurants should acknowledge your effort and other food lovers’, for example by giving free meals and great deals” – we strongly disagree. Restaurants and food industry folk owe bloggers absolutely zero.

Cheers, Kenny



Hey Kenny.

Thanks for your reply and thoughts. I apologise if my email offended you.

It’s not solely about marketing. It’s about connecting food lovers, bloggers and restaurants, and creating a mutual situation for all parties. Food lovers love great food, but at the same time they also want to meet “like-tummy” people. We encourage restaurants to express gratitude for the effort of bloggers, not for giving good, bias review, but for visiting the restaurants to try the food.

I appreciate the support from other food bloggers who have agreed to contribute their posts to our website, as they see it as a channel to interact with their blog followers.

I am still following your blog, simply because I love reading restaurant reviews. And, I know that every blogger puts in a lot of effort into blogging!

Merry Xmas!

Thanks, Ashley



No worries, mate.

I likewise apologise for my snotty reply.

Still, I don’t reckon it’s a good idea to try flattering people with a form letter in which you merely change restaurant X and meal Y.

I’m a bunny, but still know of two people who received the same epistle.

Cheers, Kenny

4 thoughts on “Food Blogger Spam No.2

    • Hi Ellise! Yeah, I hear you … I didn’t mean to sound so snarky or ill-humoured in my response, but … having my vanity appealed to with such blatant, dumb lies got up my nose. Good luck to them, but it’s just not my go. At all. Another pal got the same email, and bridled somewhat coz they thought it reflects badly on us all. Dunno about that. That kind of thing’s so very different from where we’re at I can’t see it having any effect.


  1. Hello there! Sorry if it seems a bit opaque. Myself, at least two others and Lord knows how many more bloggers received a mass email a few weeks back inviting us to be part of their website and/or setup. Like others, I wasn’t too impressed with the suggestion that I am seeking freebie meals or other perks for my food blogging. They’re young and enthusiastic – maybe from Malaysia, we’re not sure. But it seems pretty dumb to send out a mass email, word for word, to many bloggers seeking their endorsement and/or participation, making out like you’re a fan of their individual blogs. When such is obviously not the case. I don’t want free meals. The post is their email first, followed by my initial reply, their reply to that etc.


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