Meals On Wheels!


How cool is this?

Every few months a knock on our door heralds not, thankfully, someone trying to convince us to buy something, give something or switch our electricity or phone/internet providers.


This lovely old bloke is selling food … in the form of fresh vegetables from his own garden.

Mostly it’s a matter of potatos, pumpkins and chillies of the large, long and green variety.

He tells me hails, originally, from Macedonia, and lives and works these days in Daylesford.

He also tells me he does his door-knocking in Yarraville and Footscray for the very sound reason that it is here that he has “many customers”.

Come again soon, my friend!

9 thoughts on “Meals On Wheels!

    • I’ll ask him for details next time. Hell’s bells – don’t even know his name! I chopped up two of the green chillies with a red onion and fried ’em up to have with bratwurst for dindins tonight.


  1. He reminds me of the guy who sometimes sells stone fruit from the back of his car in the car park at West Footscray YMCA. Wonder if it’s the same bloke?


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