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Please note this premises now house a business known as Boutique Cake Art

Here is the message I received yesterday:


Hi there,

Christina here from Boutique Cake Art formerly Cake Art Yarraville. Just touching base as within the year I have currently taken over Cake Art and there have been a lot of changes in terms of services we now provide. Was just wondering whether you could update the piece you have done on this business or take the old profile down. Let me know what information I need to provide if an update is possible.

Thanks in advance

Regards, Christina Blaby Cake Art Yarraville 9314 6776

Monday – closed Tuesday – 10am-6pm Wednesday – 10am-6pm Thursday – 10am -6pm Friday – 10am- 6pm Saturday – 9am- 3pm Sunday – Cake Courses (9am-5pm- By Appointment) – for cake course information and bookings


I will do a story in due course!


79 Anderson St, Yarraville. Phone: 9314 6776

Kristen Alston has been baking cakes professionally for 20 years and running her cake shop, Baked, in Carlisle St, Balaclava, for six years.

Living locally, though, she is making sure some of her work life lives here, too.

What she calls her “cake studio” has been open on Anderson St for about three weeks.

While there are some of your more prosaic take-home-and-eat cakes on hand, it’s clear the spectacular display cakes that are arrayed around the Anderson St showroom are what will capture the attention and inspire the delight of children and also adults of all ages.

Is it food or is it art? Is it both? Does it matter?

Kristen tells me that her customers by and large do eat their cakes, but some do attempt to let them hang around for as long as possible.

That is about six or seven months.

The outer, colourful shells will last a lot longer, even if they do become inedible, but the bases – mudcake – eventually start shrinking and collapsing.

Despite the advent of TV programs such as Ace Of Cakes, Kristen remains happily unaware of and unconcerned about awards or other competitive or glamourous aspects of her art that may be out there.

“I live in  a bit of a bubble,” she says.

Your typical substantial three-dimensional cake clocks in at about $300 and will feed 30 people.

The weirdest order she’s ever taken was from, ahem, members of a fetish club and involved intertwined penises.

I reckon it’s very hard to go past the Spongebob number.

This is the cake discussed in comments below:

20 thoughts on “Cake Art Yarraville

  1. We ordered our wedding cake from Cake Art Yarraville, a three tiered topsy turvy confection in red, silver and white. It was a complete success! Looked amazing, tasted fantastic and was just the combination of kookiness and classiness that we were after. Looking forward to ordering my next cake


  2. Horrible service, horrible cake, horrible decorations!!! If you want to be treated poorly, have a cake that falls apart and then be treated like fool to suggest it was your fault (oh and by the way pay 300 dollars for it) then by all means go to Cake Art Yarraville.


    • Happy to supply a picture of this ‘horrible cake’ with ‘horrible decorations’ before it left the shop. Maybe the transportation of the cake was the issue.. We are very approachable here at Cake Art and would have preferred to deal with this issue in a more graceful manner.


  3. I have been a long time customer of baked cakes and have always been extremely satisfied with the quality and taste of every item I have brought there from the chocolate eclairs and delightful opera slice to our families birthday cakes.


  4. I’m sure there is more to the story than Alexandria is letting on in her review…you have to be very careful how you transport speciality cakes- I order all of mine from Baked & happily pay the small fee to get them personally delivered by the chef. I have had made an iPhone cake, Super Mario, camping tent – all superb. I also order fruit flans when going to a brunch & the gingerbread houses every Xmas for gifts. Highly recommended!!!!!!


  5. I agree the cakes at Baked are fantastic (but a little out of my way in Balaclava). Thank goodness the Baked team opened up Cake Art in Yarraville. WOW what a display!


  6. Hi there, I am in desperate need of a birthday cake for my son. He’s bday party is this Sunday. Will you be able to make a Dino cake for him??
    Regards Maree


  7. Hi Jacqui
    We are closed through January for the retail shop but all orders for January can be placed by email or you can call the shop number, I now have it diverted to my mobile.


    • Hey Kristen when do you open up again ? I would love to make a trip over for some yummy cake.
      Do you still make opera slice ? I will have to make sure you have that first lol. I hope you and the family are well. Is ester and Christine still with you ? I was just talking with Harry about the old shop in balaclava. The cake shop there now have opened upstairs to customers. Only been there once , it’s not the same with you guys not there. I was trying to remember the name of the girl you first opened with and it’s driving me crazy that I can’t lol. What was it ? Any how enough rambling from me. Highly recommend any of your cakes they are amazing


  8. The most amazing quality cakes I have ever had! I am a long term customer at Cake Art Yarraville. It all started when I ordered my 21st cake there as soon as they told me the price I already knew I would be coming back, and the taste was delightful and fresh, from then on I have ordered 3 more and have just ordered another for my engagement. The lady in the shop is lovely and any idea you have they will do. They taste amazing and I recommend to all. Everyone that I have recommended there has said they will be back!


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