Wang Wang Dumpling

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3/51 Waterfield St, Coburg. Phone: 9354 0294

Who needs leafy, scenic vistas or coastal views when you can gaze out on a Coburg parking lot?

Such an outlook may have a whiff of reverse snobbery about it, but nevertheless it reflects the kind of food we like to eat, the places we like to eat it in and the prices we like to pay.

Wang Wang Dumpling was noted down for do-soon exploration on a recent lazy afternoon spent exploring Brunswick Market and other interesting bits of Sydney Rd.

So it’s a pleasure to stroll in for our regular Saturday lunch outing.

The interior is actually rather swish considering the vehicular scenery.

We are happy to adhere to the obliging staff’s recommendations after telling them of our haste – not because we’re in hurry, but because we’re hungry.

We order dumpling in hot and sour soup ($9) and Shanghai fried noodle ($9.50).

The soup ‘n’ noodles combo is a doozy – and at the most tender of pinches could suffice as lunch for both of us.

Swimming in the viscous soup are 10 dumplings.

The soup is delicious – of mild spiciness, it’s chock-full of egg, tofu strands, mushrooms, chilli, peas and perhaps more.

The pork dumplings are sublime. They have a distinctive flavour, the nature of which I endeavour to discover as I pay, with no great success. Best I can say is pepper is involved.

The noodles are plainer, and thus complement perfectly the rich and spicy soup/dumplings.

Joining the noodles are fresh mushrooms, bok choy and tender beef pieces, the lot tossed in a soy and oil sauce.

The hand-made noodles themselves are the highlight.

Al dente, they are of irregular girth and very yummy.

This is a meal of many joyful slurps.

We are eager to return to explore the menu further.

Bennie likes the look/sound of the Shanghai duck seasoned with soy sauce. Kenny will happy to stick a pin in the menu, so varied and enticing are the myriad noodle and dumpling offerings.

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