Sunday morning at Vic Market


Two weisswursts – one with sinus-blasting hot English, the other with Dijon.

A pricey ($4) but very good cafe latte at a serious coffee joint.

A small bar of organic chocolate to take home.

I dimly remember a time when the Vic market was pretty much moribund on Sundays. A few stalls in the food hall open, and far from all of them open in the wide open acres of general merchandise and clothing.

It’s all go these days – almost everything open, but with a pleasing drop in the sometimes fraught ambiance and crowded scenes that are the market on Saturday mornings.

Sometimes it’s where I like to go – even with a house chockers with food and no special shopping needs pressing.

Outside the food areas, it’s fun to pick out the genuine products and bargains, shining like diamonds amid vast spaces of general all-round tackiness.

Loving Earth chocolate uses agave syrup instead of cane sugar and is described as “essentially uncooked, unprocessed chocolate in its pure rich essential form”.

Market Lane Coffee, adjacent the market food hall, is a Serious Coffee Establishment. I like my cafe latte and I like the passion of their endeavours.

There’s one at Prahran Market, too.

4 thoughts on “Sunday morning at Vic Market

  1. Ahh bratwursts at Victoria market: I’m a fan of the plain pork one 😉 Haven’t had a chance to try Market Lane coffee yet, the queues have been really long whenever we’ve gone by, and we live so close we always say we’ll give them a go some other time haha.


  2. Serious Coffee Establishment. Love it – SCE – new acronym. LOL! Yes, it looks like the Vic Market has finally dragged itself out of the 90’s and is all the better for it. $4 for a latte, cripes but I bet it will be the standard price within 12 months.

    What was that chocolate like? I am curious!


    • Haven’t tried the chocolate yet – it’s sitting in the freezer awaiting my co-blogger’s return. I guess for some folks, having chocolate in the house and NOT eating it would be considered monumental willpower or willful perversity. I just buy it, stash it and forget about it! If you haven’t got serious shopping or stocking up to do, Sunday morning seems the best Vic Market time … just to sort of meander around.


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