Flemington Kebab House


301 Racecourse Rd, Flemington. Phone: 9376 2767

This Flemington institution didn’t get a write-up in the whiz-bang new book on Melbourne kebab shops, but it certainly would’ve been a worthy inclusion.

It’s never been at the top-tier of our choices for such food, as there are options closer to home.

As well,  the last time Bennie stuck our noses in the door the prices had crept up, and the previous dad-only visit had left me feeling a little shortchanged in terms of quantity.

So it is with much interest and a little wariness that I enter for a midweek dinner.

The place has had some simple renovations done. It’s homely. Tiles, photos of Turkey – the pics tug at my heart. From what I’ve gathered over the years, Turkey is right at that the top of the list of countries worth visiting for foodie reasons as well as friendly people and drop-dead gorgeous scenery.

As my dinner ritual unfolds, I relax in the knowledge that the previous disappointment can be written of as little more than a blip.

This kebab joint is at the top of its game and my meal is excellent.

A kebab wrap will cost you $9.50 here.

Meal platters range from non-meat for $13 up to mixed grill for $21.

My spread of lamb from the spit, two salads, two dips, rice and bread clocks in at $15.50.

There’s only one size, which is a bit of a blow – my plate could feed dad AND son.

The meat is tender, perhaps not crusty and crunchy enough, but light on the fattiness.

The chilli dip is of a pleasant spiciness, fine and fresh and tangy, and goes fantastic dab by dab with the meat.

The babaghanous lacks the smokiness that tends to come with coarser versions, but its smoothness is full of lemony, garlicky tang.

The rice is good, the salad of lettuce, cabbage, carrot and so on nice and crisp.

The other salad – of red capsicum, leaves, olives and even a couple of cubes of fetta cheese – seems a little excess to requirements.

I envy Flemington residents having this place ready as a groovy go-to option to the many Asian eateries surrounding it.

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11 thoughts on “Flemington Kebab House

  1. I have a soft spot for this place, having lived in Kensington for a few years. A taxi driver (of course!) once told me he thought it was the best kebab shop in Melbourne… Reckoned he used to eat at the former premises in another suburb and followed the owners to Flemington.

    Btw loved your review of the kebab shop book. Top marks for whoever put together the graphic novel look of the Lazy Camel pages.


    • Hi Carmen! Depends on what you mean. All the Turkish places around Footscray central do their own thing, but in most cases they’re more what are commonly referred to as pizzas or pies. IIRC, Waldies Bakery in Victoria St, Seddon, does the real filled flaky pastry kind. And there’s a borek-specific place on the way to Taylors Lakes. Couldn’t tell you where it is but I could drive you there! The wikipedia entry on boreks lists more than 10 countries, so it seems there’s no single borek.


      • Wow I had no idea Waldies made boreks – you wouldn’t expect it!

        I reckon Amasya Kebab in Nicholson St is pretty good for boreks – yes I think they might call them pizzas – and they make them fresh too.


  2. Have you tried Melbourne Kebab Station on Keilor Rd Niddrie?

    They have really great food there and the meat is nice and crispy 🙂 Plus you also get to sit down and eat which is always a bonus.


    • Don’t know that one. The Sydney Rd one has a great write-up in the kebab book, and as well a fellow blogger new to that neighborhood says it’s very good. On the list! It’s a kebab frenzy! Love sitting down!


  3. The owners of Flemington Kebab House use to own Amasya Kebab House in Footscray. Amasya switched owners a couple of times since then and is no where near the kebab house it once was…


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  5. I finally tried this place on the last leg of a 100+ km Meet-up bicycle ride around the western suburbs (from Fred [Flintstone] Square through Footscray, Y’ville, Wms’town, Altona, Hopper’s Xing, all kinds of places along the Ring Road I’ve never been to before except when I was rushing to the airport at 110 kmh in a car, then to Pascoe Vale, Moonee Ponds and down the Maribrynong on the way back to the Docklands — your turf!) Problem was, the organiser made our lunch stop at the rest area on the Ring Road where there are Macca’s on both sides of the highway and nothing else. I refuse to spend a cent at the McCrapfood chain that consumed the world, so I was one hungry mofo when we hit the Houso Towers on Flemington Road. Perfect excuse to drop out and have a kebab!

    I’ve had at least three dozen kebabs since I got back down here, from (many) Afghan ones in Dandenong to Greek-ocker versions at Stalactite’s and various Lamb’s, late-night drunk-magnet kebabs in the CBD and a few too many shopping mall food court versions. I gotta say, this has been my favourite so far. Good lamb, not the best I’ve had, but not gristly like Lamb’s, and there was a heaping mound of it. Good bread, like a cross between a Turkish roll and an English muffin in texture. It costs even more now than when you reviewed it — $11 for the lamb, $10 for chicken — but I’ve paid as much money for lesser kebabs. I might come across one that’s better — still got some ‘splorin’ to do on Sydney Road — but so far, this has got my vote for #1 in Melbourne. Time to re-write that book!


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