Gerry’s Pittes


133 South Rd, Braybrook. Phone: 9311 9383

Exchanging dough for baked dough at Gerry’s Pittes – “First & best in Australia since 1969” – is an odd experience even by the sometimes quirky standards of the western suburbs.

I’ve been alerted to Gerry’s and the wisdom of investing in some of his bread, by Consider The Sauce friend Rich, who wrote:

Ever done fresh Gerry’s Pittas from the factory/shop front in South Road, Braybrook? Just down from that Viet place (Quan Viet) you covered a little while back. $7ish for a fresh bag of 20! Awesome for pizzas and brilliant with a lil’ butter and pan fried for a minute, a tiny squeeze of lemon goes well too. They’re open early till about 3 or so during the week … I know its a lot but thing is you can freeze ’em and they still come up well after 20 secs in the micro. They freeze well for me … but @ $7 for a bag of 20 … and the fact they have made me salivate in a ridiculous manner for many years – it’s worth the gamble.

Suzy, another Consider The Sauce buddy, chimed in, too:

You should check out Gerry’s Pitas in the same strip. Ring the bell to buy direct best Greek pitas going.

So here I am, standing in front of a plain, unwindowed shopfront in Braybrook.

I do as the signage instructs me and depress the busted-up bell.

A minute or so later the door is opened by a flour-dusted bloke who utters a few words in Greek to me then inquires in English what it is I want.

“I want some pita bread.”

“How many?”

“How do you do them?”

“Bag of 20 for $7.”


The doors closes, preventing me from inhaling any more the of delicious baking aroma coming from inside or trying to get peek of the operation, leaving me somewhat bemused.

Have I ever gazed upon a flour-stained footpath before?

I don’t think so.

A few minutes later, the bloke is back.

He takes my money, gives me my bread and makes change.

Surely, since this operation has been in operation since 1969, this guy is too young to be Gerry?

I ask him.

“No – I’m the supervisor,” he says before briskly consenting to having his photo taken and closing the door once more.

This transaction has been singularly lacking the sort of warmth I value so much, but that’s kind of neat in its own way.

If or when you ever have a late-night kebab from one of the kebab shacks/caravans, I reckon there’s a pretty good chance this is where its wrapping will have come from.

But saying that seems like doing these breads something of a disservice.

The freshness is the thing.

My breads are still warm when I get them home a few hours later, and when opened the bag emits a tantalising reminder of the previously enjoyed bakery aroma.

It’s a lot heavier than Lebanese-style pita. Eating one straight out of the bag is quite a lot like eating ordinary bread.

This is certainly value for money, with half of them going straight into the freezer.

I like Rich’s idea of giving them the frypan treatment. That’ll go sensationally well with the Greek salads that are among our favourite meals.

And with quite a hefty density, I can see them standing in for the supermarket rotis, parathas and naans we’ve been seriously unimpressed by whenever we’ve tried them.

One’ll get a test run with tonight’s dal.

And I know Bennie will love them a whole lot more for school lunches than the breads and rolls that have been our routine to this point in time.

46 thoughts on “Gerry’s Pittes

  1. Mmmm, fresh pita bread is fabulous. Good find 🙂

    BTW the greengrocer at Footscray market closest to Footscray station on the Irving St side (think they’re called Bella Fruit & Veg) also sells wonderfully fresh Lebanese-style pita bread for $1 a pack! Similar to the pita you can buy at supermarkets, made in Coburg or Preston from memory. But I guess they probably get it delivered daily and the difference in taste when it’s fresh is amazing. Plus you can’t beat the price.


  2. Brilliant post Kenny. I’m a bit scared to go though after the unfriendly welcome!

    For roti and parathas, have you tried local Indian grocers? The one in Irving Street near Sam’s Pizza has roti with fenugreek leaves – very different from Coles!


  3. I agree that the whole transaction/experience when visiting gerry’s can be somewhat “ghetto” or like walking down a dark alley, however the pitas are fantastic and I love the “no frills” service. They are best panfried with butter/olive oil served with indian/Thai curry or under the grill with melted cheese/ham.


  4. I’ve been eating these since I can remember and they’re always really scarse at the supermarkets and to know you can get them fresh is brilliant!! I must go down!


  5. I live in Sydney and wondering if you could send me Gerry Pittes souvlaki bread as it is the best souvlaki bread I have ever tasted. Please let me know if this can be arranged. Thanks


  6. I used to get these babies from fancy fruit in westfield carindale shops, Brisbane, but they just closed down. Devastated. Who else stocks them in Brizzy?


  7. Got these at my local Coles which stocks Gerry’s. They’re refrigerated so not fresh from the bakery, but they taste amazing still.

    Try them with Haloumi cheese from Cyprus (woollies) in a sandwich press, amazing!

    I believe it’s 6 in a pack for $3 at Coles.


  8. I live in Singapore and we need Gerry’s here, is there anyway someone can organise to get it into the supermarkets here? Nothing comes close – all the american pitas are full of crap and taste disgusting – I need to have Gerry’s in Singapore – it’s urgent!!!


  9. It’s true. Gerry’s Pittes are the one and only. Picked up 3 packs at Coles South Melb whilst visiting. Don’t even attempt to make souvlaki without Gerry’s.


  10. I’ve been using Gerry’s Pittes for years as the base for pizza – does the job perfectly in the pizza oven
    But something’s up with Gerry and his pittes. The local Coles seemingly ran out of them a few weeks back and it was a couple of weeks before they were replenished. Then late last week Coles had discounted a huge stock of them for under $2 a pack. Naturally they sold out quick. Now I notice that the section in the cool cabinet is still vacant with Gerry’s label removed. I’d guess and it is my fear that a a house brand might emerge ….


    • Hi Pablo! It’s been while since we dropped by the bakery in Braybrook for a fresh-baked batch, but I see them in all sorts of places so I presume they’re going OK. A small local business definitely worth supporting!


    • I also can’t get Gerrys Pittes from Coles or Woolies… they say it’s because Gerry’s Pittes need refrigeration and neither Coles or Woolies want them in that area… bugger…. theyare the ONLY pittes for souvlaki, Where can we get them from now on?
      Anne of Richmond


      • You can give them a call and ask where they are stocked near your area. The advice sounds straight forward but it depends who you get on the phone – last person I spoke to had a very thick accent and I wasn’t entirely convinced we were in the same conversation.
        Other alternative is to make a trip over to South Road Braybrook and there you can buy them in bulk – great if you have enough freezer space.
        I’m not convinced Coles and Woolies are telling you the full story. My local Coles had them for years and always sold well. I reckon Gerry’s pittes had to make way for other products with higher margins.


  11. Now that I know where their shop/bakery is I won’t go without. It just so happens that the nearest ALDI for me is at CentralWest so it will be quite convenient for us!


    • Yes, it’s close by. Buying direct from the bakery is a unique experience! CentralWest I thought would be doing better or at least be more interesting, what with the influx of new residents in West Footscray. But we find it pretty awful.


  12. I am finding them hard to buy – can’t always go to their shop in Braybrook. Someone tell me where in inner west they are stocked, please?


  13. Noticed a label on the shelf at Coles Avondale Heights today for Gerry’s pittes at $3.15 per pack. There was no stock, just the label for anyone who is interested.


      • Thanks Michael that’s great! As an old Yardarvull lad from my youth, I still enjoy the odd foray into Anderson St. A pity Fred’s Emporium is just a memory … I’ll get down there for my pizza bases real soon!


  14. I have not seen Gerry’s Pita bread at my local Coles (Brandon Park) for over 6 months. Have Coles stopped selling Gerry’s Pita Bread?
    Does anyone know where Gerry’s Pita Bread can be purchased in the South Eastern suburbs ?


  15. IGA on Boardwalk Blvd Point Cook sells Gerry’s Pittes, I don’t bother looking at Coles anymore. I’ve been eating them for I don’t know how long, they are the best!!


  16. Gerry and his Pittes are back in town – Williamstown that is. The local Coles have restocked their cool cabinet shelf with a bloody mountain of them! So happy for this. I have been in the habit of going to Pier St Altona to the IGA which isn’t a great chore but they don’t always have them. But from what I saw today at Coles, I won’t need to worry anymore!


  17. You need to get to Coles on a Wednesday afternoon, that’s when they take deliveries. Also the South Melbourne Market has them in spades. Such a great produce!


    • Since I reported that Coles in Willy were stocking them again, they have been walking out the door! Mountains of them! In fact they have been regularly selling out completely. Someone at Coles must have realised how popular they are.


  18. Where can l buy Gerry’s pittes near Carrum downs,lve been looking for them everywhere Coles don’t have them any more.


  19. I have been eating Gerrys’ Pittes for over 30 years and DO NOT…want to eat any other!!
    keep up the good work oh and thank you Gerrys’
    Carlos in Ballarat


  20. Coles used to stock them until some brainwave said they could make their own in store. I’ve never bought anything but Gerry’s and won’t so Coles you are losing money and satisfied customers. When my local IGA closed down I went on the hunt and found Gerry’s – it’s just not Souvlaki without Gerry’s (the kids always line up for extras when they know I have Gerry’s Pitta). Love it, wake up Coles and Woolies.


  21. I am addicted to GB. Hard to source in Bendigo .. I travel to C’maine every 6 weeks or so. Fried GB the best. Is there a Gerry ?


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