Closing Yarraville’s Ballarat St: A work in progress


Still in at least two minds about this.

Maybe once the works are completed, this’ll be a grouse space to hang out.

And it’ll surely be a winner for the duration of the Yarraville Arts Festival on Saturday, February 11.

On the other hand, the glossy, fake grass and plants-for-hire are already imparting a rather trashy ambience – a bit like a temporary enclosure at a racecourse during the Spring Carnival or at Moomba!

Earlier post here.

4 thoughts on “Closing Yarraville’s Ballarat St: A work in progress

  1. wow that orange is very orange and that blue is very blue! I commented on the earlier post to say how much I support this initiative…the disney-esque nature I see here is a little surprising!
    I am willing to go with this somewhat. I guess the biggest hurdle is getting the road closed and people used to that. However, I am all for getting a local group together to chat to council about aesthetics and the use of natural materials which match the already vibrant and fine grain streetscape….. anyone else want to come along?? I mean surely the planter boxes could be recycled timber etc…
    One thing to add – I am extra excitement about my regular shopping trip to yarraville tomorrow. We always walk and the kids and the dog are going to love this.


    • Well worth a shot, Cait. But I suspect such things, for economic and other reasons, have gone the way of our playgrounds – into a cookie cutter world. Remember the playground in Yarraville Park with super dooper old slide, all shiny and smooth? Gone!


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