Pandu’s – an update …


UPDATE (July 29, 2012): Review of the new Pandu’s is HERE.

Dropping into the site of the new Pandu’s in Barkly St, I find the man himself in the house.

He’s a little reticent about having his photo taken, but couldn’t be more friendly and is happy to show me around.

And I gotta tell you – the place is looking a million bucks.

He tells me he actually had ritzy expansion plans for the former site in Buckley St well advanced before the rail link developments nixed them.

The new site entails a hefty increase in rent and a major investment – as these photos indicate.

Inevitably, this will involve higher prices for his take on Indo-Chinese tucker.

However, the prices at the old joint were rock-bottom cheap and he assures me his new price tags won’t be in the same ball park as those of a somewhat similar establishment up the road apiece.

Pandu is aiming for a late March opening date.

There’s going to be nooks, crannies and booths all over the place.

Incredibly, all the furniture is being crafted and constructed on-site.

The new restaurant will boast an Indian-style barbecue – not quite Tandoori cooking but with some of those elements. Sounds like a heap of juicy, marinated meats and vegetables to me!

This space (above) will be the site of the new kitchen.

In this area will be a waterfall and fish pond.

11 thoughts on “Pandu’s – an update …

  1. Looks great 🙂 And a fantastic (fraternal) twin to Vannakam. That big garage/warehouse space has been vacant for the past couple of years so it will be terrific to have Pandu’s breathe some life into it.


  2. So glad Pandu’s is reopening – I never made it to the old site and was very disappointed when I realised it was closed. Where exactly will the new Pandu’s be located please?

    On another note – I finally got to Ajitoya in Seddon last night and LOVED it. Thanks to you Kenny (and Ms Baklover from Footscray Food Blog) for the great tip. I’m an avid reader of both blogs : )


    • Hi Keri! The new Pandu’s is at 351 Barkly. I’m very much a beginner at Indo-Chinese food, but I loved the food at the old Pandu’s – and the prices! I had lunch at Ajitoya today -it’s become a regular. We adore avid readers – especially when they’re community folks like yourself. 🙂


  3. The new Pandu’s opened last Saturday. Seemed like a good first night crowd in attendance. Haven’t tried it yet but very keen to.


  4. we just tried it – mega disappointment. The chairs are too large, deep and heavy to sit with any comfort, the place was freezing cold, with no music (and an unfinished lock on the bathroom.) the mango lassi was made with syrup, not fruit, and the simplest chicken noodle stir fry was delayed (must’ve totally stuffed up the first one) and when it came was served under a pool of indelible corn starch/thickener sauce. We nibbled around the edges, but had to leave it. Total disappointment. Will last 6 months.


    • Hi Kirsty! I checked the place out last night but didn’t eat. But … have to say I quite like the look and style, like it’s maintaining the roots of the original Pandu’s. In that regard, I was happy to see the prices still real low. The fried noodles with the heavy sauces? I had one in the old place and it was beyond me for sure. Try the hakka noodles. And the Indo-Chinese 65 stuff is great. Six months? I really think you’re under-estimating the appeal of Indo-Chinese food to the Indian community, especially when many other places are quite a bit more expensive.


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