Kenny’s muesli


With some variations along the way due to taste, immediate availability and cost, this is the basic mix I have been using for more than three years now.

I haven’t done the sums, but I simply assume it’s a helluva lot cheaper than buying even standard supermarket mixes – never mind the ultra-pricey lines that generally come packaged in cellophane!

Equally important as price is the fact that I get to have breakfast fare that is constructed precisely to my own tastes and is absent sugar and dodgy ingredients.


2 x 750 gram bags Black & Gold rolled oats

1 x 750 gram bag Black & Gold crushed oats

500 grams white sultanas

500 grams roasted almonds

(I almost always get my fruit and nuts from self-serve style Sunshine Fresh Food Market, as I can then suit myself as to the exact quantities.)

The bigger the container the easier the mixing!

Throw in the rolled oats and then the white sultanas.


Chop almonds.

Add to container.

Finally, add the crushed oats and mix well – and carefully, especially if your container only just holds the amount of muesli being made!

This is obviously a very personal choice and quite a hardcore mix – those looking to ween their kids of sugary, packaged cereals can try any number of variations.

All and any kind of dried fruit, for instance, though cast around for options beyond sultanas, raisins and currants and you’ll be up for more chopping time.

Also, I can’t imagine eating this mix freshly added to a bowl with milk in the morning.

I soak it overnight in quite a lot milk so it doesn’t end up too claggy and too much like hard work.

And always with fresh fruit – lovely stone fruit at the moment – and yogurt.

I have a friend who doesn’t soak hers, but roasts it, so I guess it’s more like granola. But then, she doesn’t chop her almonds either so she is a little strange on it.

I have another pal who soaks his muesli mix in orange juice – another weirdo!

(Just kidding, Penny, Kurt!)

Soaked or unsoaked, the Kenny Mix makes really good porridge in the winter months!

I could save money by buying unroasted almonds, but I like the crunch.

Depending on taste and budget, you can go a lot further, of course.

Sunflower seeds? Figs? Dates?

When I worked at Neal’s Yard Wholefood Warehouse in Covent Garden in the late ’70s, we made up a huge batch of muesli every week.

Into it went not just oat flakes but also rye, wheat and barley.

Not just almonds, but also brazil and cashew nuts.

Not just sultanas, but also chopped dried pears, apples, apricots and peaches.

And probably a few things I’ve long forgotten!

It was truly the Rolls Royce of mueslis and flew off the shelves.

But I like my mix just the way it is – I especially dig the white sultanas.

So juicy and sweet!

But I’ve probably put Bennie off them for life by once describing them as being like “big, fat white maggots”!

(That’s quite possibly me pouring honey in the attached Neal Yard link!)

18 thoughts on “Kenny’s muesli

  1. I really like your simple no fuss approach to this. Very accessible…I think its enough to motivate me to have a go. One question. How long does it last before it is stale?

    The orange juice on cereal just brought back childhood memories. I am with you on this. I though it was weird back then…and I still do now!!!


    • Andrew, again I haven’t done the maths, but … one lot lasts me about a month, and I certainly think it stays more than fresh enough until the end. Securely airtight, of course, for freshness and to keep the mices at bay. Only trouble is, towards the end there’s not a lot of sultanas or almonds left! Do it and you’ll never go back.

      I really like your simple no fuss approach to this.

      Perhaps I should call it Western Suburbs Muesli!


  2. Long time reader first time poster…. Nice read, been on the muesli for a few months now and loving it! Been having it Bircher style, great way to start the day and as you say so cheap.


  3. I made a fairly indulgent mix last Sunday, making it is very therapeutic! The mix is rolled oats, sesame seeds, raisins, currants, dried apricot and a few macadamia nuts. Soak a few days worth in apple juice and add a grated granny smith. In the morning add yoghurt and some fresh fruit, had never been a breakfast person but this has sure changed my mind.


  4. Nice recipe. Made me a bit nostalgic as my dad used to make something very similar. Except he used dried apricots or a dried fruit mix and added oat bran to the mix! Extra fibre 😉


    • I still feel conused about the difference between muesli and toasted muesli, which one can add yugurt and eat immediately??? toasted one?? I am an ovearseas student and have not get familiar to the local food, what I am sure is I love muesli very much,yummy ~~~~~LOL


  5. hahaha, I have bought some “white maggots” today, big and juicy~!! by the way, their dried apricot is also yummy, I cut some and put them in my muesli


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