Waldies 7th Birthday Sausage Sizzle


Waldies, 168 Victoria St, Seddon. Phone: 9689 3806

A couple of $2 snags-in-bread topped with Maggi mustard does me fine for lunch.

And none of your fancy pants kranskys, either, thank you very much.

The sausage sizzle hosted by one of our local old-school bakeries is being run on behalf of the Hyde Street Youth Band, which has been a performing unit since 1928.

The kids play some goofy, fun stuff that has echoes of New Orleans.

The barbie is manned cheerfully by Greg and Pina.

Mr Waldie himself (below) tells me it’s about the fifth year he’s had the band crew in for a birthday gig/sizzle and he really loves having them there.

Waldies Bakery on Urbanspoon

4 thoughts on “Waldies 7th Birthday Sausage Sizzle

  1. HAPPY 7th to a great bakery , we were down ther a few weeks ago , and loved it , even brought back some goodies to home hill , in our little caravan freezer, just had the last of the pie,s , and they came up trumps, pity , we can,t get them sent up .


  2. Love the way Mr Waldie is pictured with a smoke in his hand + filthy apron & runners.
    Surprised he is not patting a dog at the same time like he normally does before he bakes & serves bread.
    Top guy, no idea.


    • have you ever worked in a bakery,you don,t actually stay spotless,you know,also mr walldie lools like he was having a break ,its his right to have smoke,also, he didn,t do it inside,where it is spotless. i think you must have bit of a chip on your shoulder.so take a chill pill man


    • To Lovefood ,

      So after he pats dogs and has a smoke during his 16hr day do you follow him into the shop and see if he washes his hands . Since when has it been a crime for a local trader to get out front of his business and show that he’s normal like everyone else . How about you go in and do a bake and see if you can keep clean , and how does a persons shoes have anything to do with what is baked and served . If you have a problem with it come in and say something instead of hiding behind a website .

      Bruce and June keep up the good work i will be back time and time again .


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