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Third Wave Cafe, 189 Rouse St, Port Melbourne. Phone: 9676 2399

Earlier this year I had a nice lunch at Third Wave Cafe, loved the meat-filled blintzes, wrote it up for Consider the Sauce – and even saw that piece get a run in GRAM Magazine.

In the normal course of events, that may’ve been the end of it – Third Wave being close-by but nevertheless a little out of our normal way, over in Port Melbourne – until next time, someday, maybe, never.

Except for one thing – the Russian salad with chicken and bread mentioned in that story stuck in my mind.

So when gleefully debating the subject of location for catch-up with Catty from Fresh Bread, this seems like a natural spot midway between her South Melbourne base and ours in Yarraville.

I’m awful keen to try that Russian salad and I reckon Bennie’ll love those blintzes, especially after I describe them to him as being like “bolognese wrapped in pancakes”.

Catty, too, is sufficiently intrigued and up for it.

Unfortunately, in the interim months the prices have risen by a not insignificant amount.

They’re not now exorbitant at all, but we feel bound to have our opinions of our lunch choices coloured by them.

Bennie’s meat blintzes – the ones I had for $16.50 but which now cost $17.90 – struggle to impress him, though I suspect some of his apathy is induced by the eye-rolling tedium of having to listen to his two adult companions bang on about stupid blogger stuff.

He eats it all anyway, sour cream, everything.

Catty likes her mushroom blintzes well enough – though they’re heavy on the cream – but seems a little underwhelmed.

My Russian salad is rather good – quite a good-size serving and much less heavy on the dressing than I expected, to the extent it is quite a crumbly mixture.

The chicken is tasty mixed in among the regulation peas, carrot, pickled cucumber, eggs and potato.

But the “artisan bread” turns out to be two very meager semi-slices.

This perhaps would’ve been all good and well at the old price of $13 – but at the tag of $14.90 it’s seeming a bit of a stretch.

Look, it’s not often we talk about prices at any length here at Consider The Sauce.

We generally either cop them or not.

And it gives us no pleasure to be discussing them right here, as it’s obvious the Third Wave Cafe really are into their food and coffee and no doubt instituted these changes because they felt they had no choice.

But to us, they have indeed changed our perspective – a few dollars here and there has made a difference.

Out three light meals, a coffee and a hot chocolate see us paying a bill of $59.30.

I dug the hell out of talking blogger shop with Catty, though!

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6 thoughts on “Third Wave Cafe

  1. Hi,

    I’m one of the owners of Third Wave Cafe. Thanks for dropping by for a second time. We believe that we MUST listen to all comments from our customers and if in any way possible, implement their suggestions. Saying that, and given you have visited us on more than one occasion, could you please make any suggestions as to anything that we can improve.

    Thanks in advance.


    p.s. You do look a little like the guy in Mythbusters….


    • Hey Greg – thanks for visiting!

      Improvements? Not really; like your place and the passion for coffee. And the Russian thing is appealing. There’s not so much Euro food of the that type on our side of town.

      Maybe some more dressing on the Russian salad? Whether that would make it any less authentic, I know not. I’m only basing that on the Russian salad I used to enjoy at Pelligrini’s and the old Campari Bistro in Hardware Lane!

      Our original seating at the communal table was near the door and we were cold. When a more internal table became available, your staff handled our request for a move with cheerful aplomb.

      Two points:

      1. We’re coming from a westie vibe in which we’re used to stuffing our faces for $10 give or take.

      2. Your pricing no doubt reflects what is required for your costs and maybe even reflects the Port Melbourne neighbourhood more generally. We don’t visit often enough to know.

      So if the difference in pricing represented some kind of tipping point for us, it’s neither your fault nor ours, I figure.

      Thanks for taking the review in good spirit. Your gracious reply here has significantly increased the chances of a return.

      And – damnit all! – he looks like me!


  2. I had a great catchup with you Kenny! And it was nice to try some different food at a cafe for a change. I liked my blintzes, but I agree – I think I would have liked them a little more, for a little less $$. Rents in Port Melbourne must be pretty atrocious though. Two points to add to your two points:

    – I should have fixed my bike helmet hair for the photo, and
    – That guy from mythbusters definitely looks like you. 🙂

    Greg, your staff are very nice! No complaints with service here.


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  5. Also been here, agree that food is nice, but also thought it was overpriced so won’t be going back. There’s just too many other places that have great food at more reasonable prices. The extra dollars here and there really add up. Coffee wasn’t the best either despite being touted as “best in Port Melbourne”.


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