3 thoughts on “Top 10 cooking smells

  1. Love it 🙂 A few of my favourites…

    Onion & garlic being gently cooked
    Spag bol, especially after adding red wine
    Crusty toast
    Slow roasted lamb (or really, slow roasted anything)
    Kolbasi from Michael’s Deli on the barbecue


      • Ha ha – what would Italians know about … hmmmmm. It’s also worth keeping in mind that Italians have been migrating for a long time. In New Orleans, for instance, there’s a whole school of Italian/Creole cooking. And I have been reliably informed that a sixth or seventh generation Italian from NY is pretty much from a different planet from someone from, say, Rome. In fact, I suspect that Melbourne’s high-end Italian joints are closer in spirit and application to Italy than is the case for US Italian eateries.


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