In Melbourne … you never know …


Punctuality – and even rampant earliness – is a Weir family trait.

So we get to the Harlequin rugby home ground in Ashwood/Chadstone quite a bit too early for this morning’s game.

Early enough, in fact, to set off on foot to the nearby retail strip is search of coffee/hot chocolate.

I’m not particularly hopeful – the area, when we passed it earlier, seemed drab and devoid of interest, the primary fact of the place being the endless stream of traffic in both directions on busy Warrigal Rd.

We find coffee – just barely acceptable from a dowdy bakery.

We find something else, too, something that eluded us in car but that becomes readily apparent on foot.

This stretch of Warrigal Rd is an area of intense food activity. In fact, there eight Asian eateries crammed into barely 200 metres.

Several of them are Korean.

But there’s a bog standard Chinese, a Vietnamese and an Indonesian place, too.

That latter, Bamboe Cafe, appears to offer a substantial and intriguing list of variations on nasi goreng.

Of course, at 8.30am on a Saturday morning none of them are open.

And the chances of us ever being in the vicinity when they are seem slim.

But in Melbourne … you never know.

2 thoughts on “In Melbourne … you never know …

  1. That’s around where Holmesglen is I think, I remember having dinner in the same one just before doing my night class for seven weeks back in 2009, was good.


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