Food blogger irritants


1. Laminated menus.

2. Overly shiny tables.

3. Photographic displays of dishes with too-bright back-lighting.

4. Forgetting to re-charge camera battery.

5. So hastily and furtively scribbling notes they are indecipherable once home.

6. Sucky, insincere spam.

7. Methodology used to rank bloggers on Urbanspoon. (Irritates this blogger anyway … no doubt those on  top of the heap think it’s great! I’d opt out for sure if that was possible …)

8. Forgetting to write down prices.

9. Reflection in restaurant window of blogger taking photographs.

10. Repeatedly being asked to provide free content for digital start-ups looking to make money.

6 thoughts on “Food blogger irritants

  1. I think you’re going to have to bite the bullet and review Chin Chin if you want your Urbanspoon ranking to head north, Kenny. I do agree with you though, I find it odd that many blogs with either very few posts or no new posts for months are ranked so highly. I think it does have something to do with reviewing the more popular Urbanspoon restaurants so off to Chin Chin you will need to go!


    • Yep, that’s it exactly. I wouldn’t mind if I could opt out – but I can’t. So our love of covering small and lesser known (and lesser trendy!!!) places means we will always be lowly ranked. Same as with yourself no doubt. Meanwhile, the current third-ranked Melbourne blog is OS – permanently, I think – and so there has been no new Melbourne content this year. Not only is it crazy, it makes Urbanspoon look ridiculous. And that’s not a good look when there’s quite a few people who think it semlls anyway! 🙂


  2. Yes the whole thing is a bit frustrating but I suppose you have to just have to cop it. I’m not the most prolific poster (unlike yourself) but I just counted 7 blogs ranked higher than my lowly ranking of 357 that only have a single post! What’s more illuminating is that each of these posts are either Hardware Societe, Mamasita of Chin Chin. Surely my modest 24 posts are worth more that a single post on these totally over-reviewed establishments.


  3. I thought you were going to post stuff that other food bloggers do that annoy you. My friend gets upset at people saying everything is “yummy” all the time.

    My friends work at a French bistro in Melbourne that specifically discourages reviews of the place.

    There always seems to be a big group taking photos of things when I am eating in the city.

    I usually only take photos to tease people or record something that is just too weird like the blue rice and “slug” on the plate for one meal, causing my sister to ring me up and ask me what the F$%^ I was eating. (It was some kind of stuffed seed pod.)


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