3 thoughts on “Our beautiful friend and neighbour …

  1. Oh how sad! Dulcie looks like she was a sweet lady (and what a lovely old fashioned name). I’m sure you and Bennie will miss her heaps. My condolences to you both.


  2. Sad? Not at all really, Keri. Dulcie was a class act, right up to and including her own death.

    She’s been quite a big part of our life for our whole time in Yarraville, and Bennie spent a lot of time with her.

    Yet we knew very little about her earlier life, nor she ours.

    We found out more at the funeral service and lunch today – and were unsurprised to learn she was ALWAYS a character.

    The service was RC and rather solemn.

    But as her coffin was carried out of the church, the strains of Van Morrison’s Bright Side Of The Road burst forth, everyone there lost it, and the laughter and tears flowed … that’ll always be “Dulcie’s song” for us now!


    • “Bright Side of the Road” seems very apt, judging from her lovely countenance.

      I too had a lovely neighbour about whom I knew not much at all until I attended her funeral. Turns out she’d lived quite an amazing life. Personally I think it’s a shame that often we only find these things out after people have left this earth. Next time I befriend an older person I’m going to ask them to tell me all about their life (assuming they wish to of course)!


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