Tasty Music: This Week’s Top 10

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A while ago now, yours truly hosted a weekly radio show that went uninterrupted except for holiday time for about 20 years.

It went, over the years, from guitar grunge to country, blues and other roots art forms through New Orleans and South Louisiana of all kinds to jazz and back to country, western swing and the Grateful Dead, with often many of those styles overlapping within a single show.

One thing I did reasonably regularly was whole shows of food songs.

It was a breeze and SO much fun!

I don’t think about food and food songs so much these days, but I still love me some finger-lickin’ tunes.

So this here is what tickles my fancy this week; it’s a moveable feast, so to speak, so ask me again next week and you’ll likely get a whole different list. (A pity I couldn’t nail Jasper’s BBQ by Frankie “Halpint” Jaxon, though!)

First up, Mr Sauve himself …

No.2 is some slinky Memphis funk. Doesn’t sound like a food tune, does it? Slim Jenkin’s Joint was a soul food joint down the road from the Stax studio.

Next up, some kick-ass R&B from South Louisiana.

And now, how about some more of that Southern Hospitality from the fabulous Cliff Bruner and His Texas Wanderers with the great Moon Mullican on piano and vox? And Bob Dunn on steel!

Andre Williams has two legendary food songs – just room for one here:

OK, time for one from the greatest New Orleans musician of them all … May Alix helping out on vocals!

Lyrics don’t get any more profound than on this offering from Stovepipe and David Crockett …

But this one from Jim Jackson is outstanding and moving, too …

Of course, we’re a multi-faith institution here at CTS:

Not sure about eating these, but it’s a cool-rocking tune from Eddie Lockjaw Davis:

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