Incident on a train


Missed this weeks Epicure section in The Age.

No biggie, but still …

Rude as it may seem, I couldn’t help but glance at the copy a passenger next to me on the train from work was reading.

My eye was caught by a long single column of responses by readers to a question about what are the top signs you’ve entered a Bad Restaurant.

Top of the list was … flat-screen televisions.


What kind of parallel universe is that?

In our world, wall-mounted flat-screen TVs are a harbinger of delicious food on the way.

South American soccer games, Viet song and dance extravaganzas, Bollywood epics and – recently for me – even Fox News (sound off, thankfully) in a Foostcray Ethiopian place.

What could be better?

I even had the temerity to voice these opinions to the Epicure lady.

She seemed bemused I’d been surreptitiously reading her newspaper – but that’s better than snarky.

As we neared a station and she prepared to depart the train, she even presented me with her “pre-loved” copy of Epicure, God bless her.

I asked her where she lived; locally, obviously.

So I gave her a Consider The Sauce business card.

I hope she checks us out.

4 thoughts on “Incident on a train

  1. Televisions in should be outlawed in restaurants, pubs, cars, roadsides, anywhere public or where the primary function of a space is to do something other than watch televison.

    I have never found the physical world that boring and disconnected from my reality that i feel the need to substitute it with some ‘reality’ from commercial television

    It disturbs me a bit that others do.


  2. Each to his/her own. But very many of the places we love are MORE than mere eating houses – they’re often a mix of family space, community centre, hang out and so on. As such, TVs are often just part of the furniture. And we like it that way. We don’t live in a world where all things must have a single purpose and no more! 🙂

    Doesn’t architecture allow for multi-use of spaces and buildings?


  3. It’s taken a week or so, but I’ve finally got around to checking you out. Now I’m even more bemused to find myself the subject of a stranger’s blog. But I’ll be back again to take advantage of your research into the local treasures. Keep up the good work! (Epicure-reader-on-the-train)


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