Footscray foot institution to close its doors


Anyone with one or more children knows how hard – and expensive – it is keeping them shod in good footwear.

Actually, that applies to anyone of any age in this era of cheap and nasty “runners” that require replacing about four times a year.

So it’ll be a sad day when Hicks Shoes in Barkly St closes its doors – it’s long been a provider of good-quality and affordable shoes of many kinds for all ages.

Sure, they stock budget-priced lines from various parts of Asia, but they also stock shoes, sandals, boots and more from Europe and elsewhere. 

Happily, the family store in Altona (72 Pier St, 9398 2939) will remain open.

The business was started 64 years ago by Eric Hicks, who is 94 these days, at 209 Barkly St and has been at the current premises, 203 Barkly St, for just under three decades.

The business is run by Eric’s son and daughter, Julie and Murray.

Julie tells me the closure has more to do family reasons than with escalating rents or the current economic climate.

Indeed, the family owns the building, plans to retain ownership and has already fielded several inquiries from potential tenants, including possible eating houses.

The closure is still several months away, as the decision to close was made only about eight weeks ago and after the summer stock had been ordered.

I dig my new Converse sneakers!

3 thoughts on “Footscray foot institution to close its doors

  1. I spoke to Murray about the closure a few weeks ago. They are open to selling the business if they could find a buyer, which would be the best option I reckon. Murray told me the business is actually going very well, they have customers from all over Melbourne, but they have had enough of the long hours involved in running both the footscray and altona stores. I reckon finding new owners for Hick’s Shoes Footscray is a challenge that anyone who is interested in the footscray shopping centre – including the economic development area of council- should try to meet.


  2. What? No jokes about dipping your shoes in gray paint? Seriously though, it is hard to find a new owner for a business if the children have not also gone into the same trade.


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