Famous Blue Raincoat


Famous Blue Raincoat, 25 Vernon St, Yarraville. Phone:9391 8520

The Famous Blue Raincoat, which shares the Vernon St strip with Tandoori Flames and Motorino, was one of our semi-regular haunts in our early, pre-CTS days in the west.

I’m not sure why it ceased being so, although preferring to get our grub gratification in non-cafe settings has prolonged that status.

A recent visit for a terrific coffee after an afternoon exploring the west made me think: “Why don’t we come here more often?”

After a momentously fine Sunday lunch, I reckon we may soon be doing just that.

They’re big on music here, with a gig list that features some Very Famous Names.

No live music this lunchtime, but there’s some serious sounds on hand anyway … the classic John Coltrane Quartet seems a bit passionately overbearing for so early in the day, thankfully giving way to Tom Waits, Bonnie Raitt and more rootsy, bluesy stuff.

The Coat does a range of food ranging from breakfasts to wraps, tapas, more substantial fare and a neat kids’ list.

But I’m here specifically to try the regular Sunday roast special – a $12 roast lunch sounds like a very fine thing indeed.

Today it’s pork:

It’s a lot bigger serve than first appears to be the case.

The accompaniments are as expected – three potato segments, parsnip, carrot, broccoli.

And the unexpected – two lovely bits of beetroot.

All are beautifully cooked.

The meat ranges from crusty to lovely and tender, and there’s quite a lot of it. There’s some fat, but it’s easily discarded.

The two pieces of crackling aren’t so much crackly as rock hard – but come good with a good soaking in the flavoursome gravy.

This a sublime lunch at any price, and as good a roast meal as I’ve had.

At $12, it is surely one of Melbourne’s finest dishes.

And I can’t help but compare it with a dish I spotted in the $unday Age while awaiting my fodder …

Is that a parallel universe or what?

Food aside, this place has a warmly welcoming vibe, the back courtyard is as cool and funky as one could wish, and the cakes look to-die-for.

There’s more magic before I depart smiling … just as my perfect cafe latte arrives, the sounds switch to classic late ’30s Duke Ellington, with singer Ivie Anderson and trombonist Lawrence Brown wailing on Rose Of The Rio Grande.


The regular Sunday roast is matched by a more wide-ranging $12 “locals’ night” on Wednesday.

The Famous Blue Raincoat website is here.

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9 thoughts on “Famous Blue Raincoat

  1. Hi there, pesky devil’s advocate here! I love love love a Sunday roast and when pork is on, I can’t order anything but. But in the Sunday Age’s featured dish’s defence, there is a lot more prep needed for that dish than goes into a simple (not said disparagingly) roast. Viz. pigeon is not as easy to source as pork; it is confit, which requires an ample amount of good quality fat to cook it in, not just ambient heat in the oven or water for steaming; the morcilla or black pudding has to be made which is quite a specialised task; gingerbread made too. I still think $12 is mighty cheap for the fine meal above but I don’t think comparing it to the Cutler & Co dish is comparing apples with apples. Also factor in rents Fitzroy vs South Kingsville. Just my $0.02.

    Sorry I haven’t been around and commenting much… Been so busy but that is finally starting to calm down now! 🙂


    • Hi Ms Baklover! All Very Good Points, those. Still, a hard comparison not to make, especially when it’s staring me in the face. All true, of course, but still to my mind a parallel universe – not better or worse, just Very Different.


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