Best eats to snack on while cooking


1. Corn chips and taramasalata.

2. Olives.

3. Indian snacks bought from Barkly St, West Footscray.

4. Parmesan shavings.

5. Pickled onions.

6. Sour pickled gherkins.

7. End nubs of really excellent sourdough bread dipped in VOO.

What are yours?

Do you, like me, often spoil enjoyment of the finished dish by snacking too much while cooking?

6 thoughts on “Best eats to snack on while cooking

  1. Best thing to snack on while cooking is… what you’re cooking! I reckon every bolognese sauce, tagine, barbecue etc that I cook comes in 25% less than the expected final quantity 🙂


  2. My current snack is wholemeal crackers with Monjay Mezza Tahini dip (found this in IGA). I’m now wondering what VOO is and whether I would like it. I could Google it but I would rather hear about it from the source/sauce


  3. Most recently I spread hummus on a taco shell… while watching Michael cook. 😉 I find myself nibbling at parmesan any time I’m grating it for a recipe and run a high risk of eating too much and getting bored of parmesan in my dinner.


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