Lazat: Malaysian food for Sunshine



Lazat, 495 Ballarat Rd, Sunshine. Phone: 9312 7880

Once upon a time, not so long ago and outside of Flemington, there was nary a trace of Malaysian food in the western suburbs.

Then arrived Wok Noodle in Seddon.

And then, more recently, Chef Lagenda hung out its shingle in Deer Park to wild applause of most who live in the vicinity.

Now those two are to be joined by another Malaysian joint, on a busy, unlovely bit of Ballarat Rd just up from the Gold Leaf eatery of Chinese persuasion.

When I drop in to get the lowdown, things are in a state of disarray, but management tells me they’ll be up and running in about a week – and even, “hopefully”, by Monday, December 2.

The building they’re taking over was most recently sporting signage that said something along the lines of “Grills Plus”, but it was closed down by the time I noticed it and so have no idea what, if anything, was cooking when it was running.

If it ever was.

The menus the Lazat folk provide me hold little by way of surprises but are reassuringly stacked with familiar faves – the usual noodles about the $11 mark, soft shell crabs two for $12.80, Hainan chicken rice at $9.80, roast meats, lobak for $5 and so on.

One word: Yummy!

6 thoughts on “Lazat: Malaysian food for Sunshine

  1. Hi, We ate at Chef Lagenda tonight. Good food and we eagerly await their ethanol license. We drove past Lazat and did a lap to get a closer look. Workmen and carpenters still at in. We did not walk in but it looks close to being open. This building has a long history of apparent failures. I think the last non-starter was a Souvlaki Hut I think. Good luck Lazat and Boleh Malaysia.


  2. Hi thought I would let you know that Lazat opened Friday night 14th December 2012. I dined there Saturday night and it was already buzzing with activity. The wait staff are very attentive and the menu is massive (16 pages in total). It is well worth a visit with well considered decor, a lovely outdoor dining area, function room, large serving sizes, tasty food and reasonable prices. As an added bonus they apparently have free soft drink for the first two weeks. I like my food with a bit of kick and they provided a bowl of soy with fresh chillies on request. I am very happy to have yet another wonderful food choice in the western suburbs and they are open until 10pm 7 nights a week.


  3. I just had my second meal at Lazat. The food is absolutely awesome, the staff are very friendly and helpful. They currently allow BYO wine only but tell me they will have their full liquor license shortly.
    This premises has had a string of bad luck so when we get a restaurant of this quality in the area we need to support them. I encourage anyone who enjoys Malaysian food to try it, you won’t be disappointed.


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