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This is my top, No.1 all-time favourite Christmas present of 2012.

So obvious!

So affordable!

So efficient!

So easy to clean!

Thanks, Bennie!


It’s gratifying that my boy seems far more “connected” to his breakfast now that he’s eating from a batch of our muesli that he made all his own self.

Tonight – lentil soup a la Bennie!


A lot of people seem to be enjoying the arrival of food tucks in the west.

We have yet to sample the wares of Dos Diablos, but have noted with pleasure the regular “sold out!” notifications posted by the team from White Guy Cooks Thai on their Facebook page.

On Friday night, we had a supreme example of just what a pleasure and a boon such an operation can be.

No photos, no taking of notes, no seeking of information – just a feed for a tired but otherwise very normal family.

With dad returning from a return to work and subsequently tuckered out, we’d picked up Greek salad makings for dinner, but really … not in the mood to cook.

We’d just turned into Gamon St from Charles, when Bennie yelled out: “White Guy Cooks Thai!”

A quick application of the brakes and a U-turn later and we were parked in front of the White Guy truck and ready to rock.

Hainan chicken and mango salad, with heaps of pomegranate seeds, for him.

He loved it, opining halfway through: “I’d like to know how to make this!”

Green vegetable curry with rice and coleslaw for me.

Quite spicy, light, delicious, with green beans, potato, pumpkin, eggplant and more.

A fantastic, affordable meal, the timing of which could not have been better.

How have your food truck experiences been?

8 thoughts on “Random thoughts …

  1. I really worry for the sustainability of white guy cooks Thai . I went past his van in gamon st and only walked back out of sympathy as no one was there. I had 10 bucks in ny pocket but couldn’t afford anything. So I bought a can of coke which cost 3 dollars and was undersize.
    I’m a big fan of street food, but not when it’s regulated and sanitized to the point that it us just restaurant food served from a van. Not a kilometre away in footscray you have the choice of seemingly endless dirt cheap options for Asian, Indian, African or middle eastern.
    Full points for endeavor go to white guy cooks Thai but given that it’s not really street food and it’s competing against a sea of excellent and cheaper food in the inner west, I struggle to see how it will work for them. Unless they could produce their meals for half the price then I think they would be better suited to the other side of the river.


    • Interesting comment, Paul. We think they’re very affordable. You’re right – there are cheaper options around. BUT … Thai food is generally more expensive than Vietnamese, and I think their stuff is very good. I reckon you’re comparing apples and oranges to some degree. Including a can of soft drink ($3), Bennie and I paid $24, which I think is fine. His chicken and mango salad, BTW, cost $10. The banh mi sliders are now selling for $5 but are still good value. And even if none of that had been available, and I had $10, I reckon I could’ve talked them into giving me an $11 meal for $10. I do it all the time when I haven’t got the exact change for coffee! 🙂 Sustainability? As mentioned above, they’ve been hanging up the “sold out” sign on a regular basis.


  2. I thought it was you at the van. I wanted to say I was a blog fan but wasn’t sure. I was the lady wrangling the labradoodles. I live a little further out west than seddon and hope they soon venture out to Brimbank but for now it is a wonderful dinner and nice to be outdoors. I look forward to tom yum in winter!


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