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The first month of 2013 saw Consider The Sauce receive 16,580 page views – the highest ever, as illustrated by the above bar graph, which charts our history since the modest opening total of 91 in August, 2010.

Oddly enough, the last two days of January saw figures only matched for lowness in the past year or so by the likes of Christmas Day and Good Friday.

This trend looks like continuing, in the short term at least, and for once I am declining to fret.

I know well enough by now that the internet is a weird place.

And that Google, search engines in general, algorithms, weather patterns and a whole lot more can have effects that defy explanation by even the most savvy SEO “experts”.

None of it lessens at all the pleasure CTS continues to provide people and the satisfaction we continue to derive in delivering it.

Of course, 16,000+ page views represents far fewer actual visitors.

Some people visit our site for just a quick read of a single post.

Others, perhaps finding Consider The Sauce for the first time, can and do spend hours going through hundreds of posts – often in the course of a single visit.

Nevertheless, we can truly say we deeply appreciate every visit and every comment left.


On a different note, it’s been a while but CTS has received another invitation to be provided a complementary meal in return for having us write about the experience.

In this case, it involves another of the trucks that are these days hitting the west big time and also involves what is pretty much Bennie’s favourite food genre.

Kudos in this case to those doing the inviting for getting the spelling of my son’s name correct.

Such is not often the case.

Maybe that should be our criteria for deciding whether to respond positively to such approaches.

In the meantime, like many other bloggers I continue to mull over the pros and cons of accepting such arrangements.

On the one hand, who doesn’t like copping a “free” feed every now and then?

On the other, for what is really a very small outlay the business owners concerned, providing the food is good and CTS story is positive, get coverage that is read by hundreds and eventually thousands of the very people who are likely to be most interested in their wares.

Not bad going for, say, $30 at the most.

7 thoughts on “Thank you …

  1. Good on you, Kenny, and credit to Bennie, too. I’ve long thought your concept of a father and son team added so much interest to your blog. I know you’ve worked really hard on this blog, and it must be wonderful to see that diligence paying off.
    I’ve been blogging for only a couple of months, but I’m already hooked. You and I, in our journalistic lives for mainstream publications, were accustomed to a readership of many hundreds of thousands—perhaps more than a million. It was always a thrill for me to see my byline. But it’s just as thrilling—perhaps more so—to receive 10 “likes” and a comment or two on the posts of my fledgling blog. It’s a surprising joy for me to be blogging: and I was inspired by you (though we have very different topics)!


    • Thanks, Caron! You’ve been one of our most ardent supporters and we love you (and The Bloke, too!). Yes, the difference in scale is there for sure. But somehow the intimacy of blogging is far more rewarding. The conversation is always ongoing. When “they” talk about niches, they’re not kidding. When someone reads our blogs, we can be sure they are people who are actively interested in what we have to offer. In our newspaper lives, that was never a given. Jazz writer for the Sunday Herald Sun? Sounds pretty damn whacko from my current perspective.


      • Yes, you’re right about the rewards of blogging. The blogosphere seems infinite: there’s always something interesting to read, so many people posting wonderful life experiences, reviews, philosophies and so on. Cheers, Kenny and Bennie.


  2. Thanks for posting, I found your blog as a result of Lauren’s blog and have to say I love your writing style and honesty. It is refreshing to read not 100% positive reviews on a food blog. As for getting a free meal every now and again I do not see an issue with it from a reader perspective as long as it is acknowledged in the post.


  3. Hi there
    Im a regular reader of your blog because you update it so regularly and it’s is always interesting and relevant. So many blogs that I have read go long periods of time without updating or post irrelevant sponsored content, which is incredibly frustrating. I know I can jump onto your site once a week and I know that there will be at least one great post to read, usually more about the amazing foodie places we have in this remarkable city of ours. (I live in the north though and love it when you cross the bridge or jump on tge ring road and review the north side too! 🙂
    Keep up the great work.


    • Thanks, Lou! That’s great to know there’s appreciation for our non-westie jaunts. Some people get a little prickly about it! Got any tips for where you’re at?

      Interesting comment about “sponsored content”. I keep close tabs on about 20 Melbourne food blogs and a few of the non-food kind, and never see sponsored content. As far as I know …


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