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Nathu’s Sweets & Cafe, 126 Watton St, Werribee. Phone: 9741 6622

Samosa sandwich?

That’s a new one on us!

We’re told it’s a Gujarati specialty.

There’s two kinds of chutney – mint and a tamarind number – each spread on one of two slices of plain white slice bread. (I suspect anything heavier or more politically correct simply wouldn’t work.)

And there’s another kind of seasoning we’re told has something to do with chick peas.

Whatever – our $3.95 sanger is a delightful winner.

So unexpected, so delicious!


Nathu’s has been open only a few months and is a welcome new addition to a stretch of Watton Street already liberally dotted with Indian and other Asian eateries of various kinds.

But based on our lovely sandwich and our other, more predictable luncheon choices we’ll be back real soon.

It’s done out in typical cheap ‘n’ cheerful Indian cafe fashion, although at first glance it appears to be a sweets specialist, with mouth-watering trays of the ultra-rich Indian variety on display.

But with lunch appetites humming, we zero in on the savoury/snack side of the menu.

This numbers more than 20 items, including dosas, bhel puri, idlis, parantha and rice ‘n’ dal.


I order chole bhature … because I almost always do.

Besides, it’s a real keen way to guage a place’s general, all-round prowess.

This example ($9) is brilliant in every regard.

Fresh, light, ungreasy breads that emit steam when torn asunder.

Really good and plentiful chick pea curry of mild spiciness.

Nice spiced yogurt

Even the red onion slices mixed with fresh green chilli and a light touch of commercial pickle are quite a cut above the unadorned, blunt onion slices that often accompany this dish.

Hot stuff!


And we order gol gappe ($5.95 ) out of curiosity and because this is the only the second time we’ve seen them served in Melbourne.

These, too, are super.

The “gols” are super crisp, leaving us to pour in the tamarind broth served on the side to join the potato, chick peas and chutneys awaiting within.

They’re gone in a flash!

We grab four pieces of malai (dark) gulab jamun in syrup for home and depart happy as can be.

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5 thoughts on “Nathu’s Sweets & Cafe

  1. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I live in Werribee and I have seen this new establishment but haven’t been in yet, on your recommendation I’m going. Thanks again


  2. You didn’t mention what sort of meat was in your samosandwich. Looks like chicken, eh?

    I learn something from your blog posts almost every time I read about some ethnic resto you eat at. I had never heard of gol gappe. There are lots of things in Indian food I’m ignorant of. Tamarind broth sounds interesting. I have a small brick of tamarind paste that I need to find something to do with — Carol had this half-cocked notion to make her own ketchup when she bought it — so maybe I’ll look that broth up online.


    • Bukko, it’s a samosa sandwich – so it’s potato and pastry. Samosas are big deep-fried dumplings, typically filled with potato and spices. Though they can have lamb in them, too. They’re a bit like an Indian empanada, except triangular.


  3. Damn, you won’t be able to find sandwiches that look that good for less than $4 near my work! I’m a bit out of the way but if I’m in the area one day, I’ll definitely stop by.


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