A Very Moving Day


Well, it’s mostly done.

Plenty of cartons of books and CDs to be unpacked.

Kitchen chaos, trying to fit all our stuff into a smaller space. Though there are plenty of cardboards.

No hot water yet, but that should be sorted before nightfall.

So I can enjoy a richly deserved shower.

Pay TV issues could take up to 10 days to resolve, but we got back online quick smart.

Not that it’s that big a deal in terms of moving house – we’ve just moved right next door after all.

But Bennie’s been a trooper.

And our next door neighbour and occasional food outing pal, Rob, spent the morning helping me with the heavy stuff.

Mind you, we did ditch the bulky, springs-are-shot sofa and armchair in favour of a Scandinavian retro number that is cool and much more in fitting with our reduced space. The old-school, hideous “entertainment unit” is gone, too. Though we still have an old-school telly!

I had no excuses for goofing off this morning, as the internet/phone and TV had already been cut off.

Naturally, getting some cool sounds happening in our new abode was a priority.

And the first tune to played be loud and proud in our new abode?

Why, Dulcie’s Song of course!

I wonder what the first meal I’ll cook in our new home will be?

It sure as heck won’t be tonight, that’s for sure.

I’m knackered!

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