Yarraville goss …


Heard from two sources today … news that a Yarraville retailer is to be replaced by a bakery/patisserie producing, no doubt among many other things, “artisan bread”.

I don’t want to name or publish a picture of the current business concerned as it is still very much in operation and there are no signs in its windows announcing closure plans.

But … it’s interesting to think about.

Businesses selling bread and/or baked goods in Yarraville central: Alfa Bakehouse, Hausfrau, Plump, IGA, Village Store, Baker’s Delight, Heather Dell.

There are others at Yarraville Square and further afield in Seddon.

I have no knowledge of whether this new business will serve eat-in food or beverages. But if it does, the overlap with existing businesses will be that much greater.

So … I don’t know about you guys, but this all seems a bit mad to me …

21 thoughts on “Yarraville goss …

    • Are you kidding? Yarraville doesn’t need a hardware shop or an Asian grocery when just a kilometer away these shops are a dime a dozen. I suppose you want a ‘Yarraville-style’ Asian grocery store, i.e. an Asian grocery without the Asians. How hypocritical. Don’t move to or near a ‘trendy’ foodie suburb and then complain that an artisan bread shop might be opening up. It’s there because the hordes of morons like you who arrived in this plague-like migration are such a cliche market and LIKE TO EAT ARTISAN BREAD.


      • You’re A Joke, and from where precisely do you hail? Yarraville born and bred are we? And why so hostile? A bit silly, setting up a straw man and then describing someone as hypocritical for hypothetically believing something that you yourself thought up, isn’t it?.


      • I don’t think saying ‘how about…’ was meant as an absolute. Not everyone that has moved here over that past 10-20 years is a foodie either. Bet your house value has gone up because of the ‘plague’ though.


      • As a matter of fact I was born and bred in Yarraville, but I suppose you haven’t encountered too many of us since I and many others who have been renting in Yarraville all our lives have been forced out by exorbitant rental prices. So in response to you, Pauline, no, I am not cashing in on this like many of you are.

        If by ‘thought up’ you mean real attitudes that I have witnessed for myself, then no, it isn’t silly at all.


      • Sorry to hear that. Or rather, sorry to hear you feel that way. Because inner city areas the world over, and inevitably those further out, too, have been in a process of flux and change and bust and boom for many centuries. That doesn’t make it any more pleasant for you, but nor is it the fault of individuals who have moved in to your neighbourhood. And I’ve met a bunch of locals.

        It must be hell, hating everything that has happened and everyone that has arrived in the neighbourhood in which you were born. Are there any redeeming features in this process for you?


  1. They’ve been drawn in by the success of sourdough kitchen, which is phenomenally popular and deserves full credit for revitalising Victoria Street seddon. Whoever it is will need to make very good bread to come anywhere near sourdough.


  2. Did a ‘starting a new business’ course last week and they spoke about how the most common error in starting a business is going into a saturated market with a product that has no point of difference to what’s already available.


  3. Does anyone know if the space on Victoria st Seddon across from sourdough has been let? I heard microbrewery, I think it’s a cruel lie!


  4. We can only dream of a hausfrau down here in Altona… .. Never mind being able to buy real bread, or get a decent coffee in a shop where they actually care about service …. 😦


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