Garage Classics Of Williamstown

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Kenny’s lotto win car – a 1962 Jag: Lean, mean, green, close to the ground and looking like it’s made to go fast …

Garage Classics Of Williamstown, 400 Kororoit Creek Rd, Williamstown North. Phone: 9391 7559

Garage Classics Of Williamstown has been open about a year – in that time we’ve doubtless driven past dozens, maybe even hundreds of times.

And maybe that’s wherein at least part of the problem lies.

Leigh Goodall, who founded the business with wife Helen, tells me the plan of running the museum in tandem with a cafe open five days a week for breakfast and lunch has proven unsustainable.

From the end of April, the museum will be open only to group bookings and the food side of the business will cater to those groups and other functions.


Leigh Goodall with the museum’s 1912 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost.

So you’ve got about two weeks to get in there, have a look around and grab a bite to eat.

And you should.

You really, really should.

Because while the museum itself is quite compact in size, I’d rate it one of the most fascinating attractions in the entire western suburbs, and even Melbourne, packed as it is with more interest than it’s possible to take in in a single visit.

There’s myriad vehicles, of both two-wheel and four-wheel varieties, along with hundreds of other items.

As well, my lunch – chosen from a longish menu of sandwiches and house-made goodies such as sausage rolls – is a doozy.


The “New York Reuben” ($12.90) finds pastrami, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and Russian dressing inserted into a flattened and beautifully toasted loaf.

Oh my, it’s fantastic!

And there’s a spicy pepperiness about my sandwich that’s possibly attributable to the pastrami crust and the Worcestershire sauce in the dressing, though Helen is a tad cagey about the dressing’s other ingredients.

Admission to the museum costs $5.



The museum’s shop area has these gorgeous vintage picnic sets for sale.





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