Eureka! The day I received two emails from the same HR “job gatekeeper” in the space of a few hours …


After submitting hundreds of formal job applications in the past couple of years with no reply or acknowledgement whatsoever, I was surprised by today’s events … here’s the relevant correspondence.

(The job is in the media, but I have omitted the company’s name and that of its HR officer.)



Thank you for your application.

It appears you have not fully read the ad we placed in SEEK.

Please submit a small piece on what you consider to be a matter of importance as per the ad to be considered for this position.

Regards, XXXX XXXX


Hi XXXX. I am required to apply for 10 jobs per fortnight to keep Centrelink happy. I have told them that with each application, three things will happen – I will not receive a reply, I will not got an interview and I will not get the job. So to actually have someone reply is a pleasant surprise!

It’s been years and years since I have received any sort of acknowledgment of a job application.

Cheers, Kenny


I think it is common courtesy to reply to emails Kenny and I endeavour to do so.

Will I be expecting an article from you as per our requirements for this particular position?

Regards, XXXX XXXX



Wow – that’s an amazing approach. Unheard of in my many years of job-seeking. Good for you!

Now don’t get me wrong – I HATE being on the dole. HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT. But at the moment it’s a necessary evil.

I am working hard to find work. I am mainly doing that through the networks and contacts I am generating via my food blog. My long CV (and, by extension, the unmissable fact I am a “mature age” worker) tends to mitigate against any success whatsoever in the regular job market of job adverts, seek etc etc.

Likewise, many years of doing selection criteria and the like have got me precisely nowhere.

I am interested in being considered for the role you are advertising.

My CV speaks for itself; the very excellent referees named therein will be happy to say even more.

So, no, I won’t be doing any homework for you. If that makes me ineligible for the role, that is your company’s loss, not mine.

I’m done with such sincerely undertaken, time-consuming and futile exercises. The fact I’ve received two emails from you in the space of a couple of hours indicates to me a more cavalier approach is well worth pursuing!

Cheers, Kenny

10 thoughts on “Eureka! The day I received two emails from the same HR “job gatekeeper” in the space of a few hours …

    • No, you’re right – but doing homework for these kinds of gigs is fruitless. And that IS more feedback than I’ve had in years … it’s more by way of re-assuring myself that the path I’m on is the right one.


  1. Cavalier Kenny does have a certain ring to it. The world needs more cavaliers. If I wasn’t drowning under mortgage repayments and had the life crushed out of me I’d join you!!


  2. Good one Kenny. Agree with you that selection criteria essays are an awful waste of time for (usually) negligible worth or acknowledgment.


  3. What a belter of a reply! Why indeed do you need to write some piece for them… you have experience and raft of references that attest to your skill (and this august blog too, no less). Defy their calls for content. Charge on Cavalier Kenny!


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