‘Premium fast casual’


“Premium fast casual”?

Sounds like pure PR/marketing drivel, doesn’t it?

I found it in this Age/Good Food story on the new wave of fast-food restaurant and chains – with the focus very much on Lord Of The Fries and Grill’d.

Before reading it, I knew zilch about Lord Of The Fries.

Now I know more, I’m actually keen to give it a go.

I’d hesitate to call us fans of Grill’d, though we most certainly prefer its wares to the dreadful likes of McDonald’s or Hungry Jacks.

In the case of Guzman y Gomez, we happily and unapologetically count ourselves as fans.

But on a general level of taste and flavour, we reckon these kinds of places really are a whole lot better than traditional, trashy fast-food franchise food.

Regarding nutrition and healthiness, I am simply unqualified to comment.

And the story does have a rather narrow focus – no mention, for instance, of sushi rolls or places such as Sumo Salad.

What do you think?

Are Grill’d and Lord Of The Fries a boon? Do you eat at such places often, occasionally or never?

11 thoughts on “‘Premium fast casual’

  1. I tried one of the Burgers at Lord Of The Fries once late on a Sat Night, the meat pattie was a weird greenish/greyish colour and it tasted very weird, not off, just weird…..I wouldn’t try it again!


  2. I love that there’s a fast-food chain at Flinders St station that serves vegan burgers that still taste fatty and salty and bad for you. It’s just the ticket after a few too many beers and when it’s another 30 minutes til the next Sunbury train. I can’t even bear to think how awful the meat in a McDonalds burger must be – the life it’s had, and the way it’s been processed – so while I’m not vegetarian I’d much rather have Lord of the Fries when that’s the kind of thing I’m craving.


  3. I’m a fan of both Grill’d and LOTF, each for different reasons. I haven’t eaten at HJ’s or McD’s in near 15 years but I appreciate a good veg burger and chips now and then. chips hips are my junk food weakness! πŸ™‚


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