Westies abroad …


We live in the west and we eat in the west – and we love doing so.

There’s more than 500 stories on this website, and overwhelmingly they’re concerned with the food we’ve discovered in the western suburbs of Melbourne and the wonderful people who produce it.

But we sometimes step out into other parts of Melbourne.

Private vehicles, public transport, Racecourse Rd, Dynon Rd, Footscray Rd, the West Gate Bridge – these are some of the ways westies get to other parts of Melbourne.

So far, passports and visas are not required.

Just sayin’ …

6 thoughts on “Westies abroad …

    • I sometimes feel that way, too. But so many of the business people we write about and love so much are doing it tough, and they deserve all the success they can get, we reckon the more of Melbourne that makes its way here, the better.


  1. Agree and disagree Pauline…
    Agree: From the West my whole life, and in a way its fabric needs protecting from outside influences.
    That said… Disagree: Too much of Melbourne’s social commentary is about East v West, North of River v South. Let ’em come, and let ’em learn about the side of the city that they dont know and let ’em learn that this is a great side on Melbourne. Break down these walls!


    • Sorry, was being a little facetious in my comment. But you are right, definitely too much East vs West, etc going on. Probably comments like mine that start it!!!


  2. I used to say a benefit of living in the West was lack of major traffic jams.But the current Railway works in Footscray have created a nightmare, morning and night. But everything else is still great!


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