St George’s Theatre – there’s action opposite the station




Watching Yarraville’s St George apartments get built was a lengthy process.

It went on for years and years … like watching paint grow, it was.

And all along we kept wondering what was to become of the cavernous ballroom/theatre space, the old-school and wonderful facade of which has been retained.

For a long time there was no action at the station … but this week all that changed, with unloading trucks ever-so-slighly messing with our normal school run.

So of course we checked it out …

The chippies on site were a little short on detail but they could tell us that the upstairs or mezzanine area of the space is destined to contain more apartments, while the ground floor will become what they referred to as a “cafe” area that will be built by the owner and then leased.

Whether “cafe” in this instance can mean cafe, restaurant, wine bar, bar, nightclub, live music venue or some mixture of all these we know not.

We’ll watch progress with interest.



2 thoughts on “St George’s Theatre – there’s action opposite the station

  1. Given the remarkably poor outcome that a once good building has clearly been subject to and given that its the same vandal, sorry, owner that has come back for another go, I’m not holding out much hope for a positive outcome. That cluster of a building is so amateurish it’s embarrassing. Its only saving grace is that it will be pulled down in 15 years and replaced.


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