Shopping basket smugness



How do your regular shopping baskets shape up?

When compared to your fellow shoppers?

I’ll admit it – I can be quite smug about ours.

Although I’m pretty sure the only person to whom such smugness is apparent is myself.

I hope so anyway.

After all, I don’t go mouthing off in a superior way about it. Or at least not at the cash register.

Though I do occasionally ask our checkout chicks or chaps if ours is the healthiest (most righteous) basket that has passed before them during their day.

The answer is almost always, after a moment’s reflection: “Yes.”

I do know this for sure – our shopping invariably seems to feature a whole lot more fresh fruit and vegetables than those we generally see around us.

When I do a mental count, I’m frankly surprised by how little serious meat we buy – things such as roasts, steaks or even chicken bits hardly ever, and never from a supermarket.

So consequently we very rarely have to dispense with any of those ghastly polystyrene trays.

We don’t do frozen stuff at all, really. Not vegetables or pizza bases or anything else.

OK, we do peas.

We don’t do snack foods, either.

Lollies we do do. And good-quality corn chips – not the hard-as-nail salt-free organic types, but not horrid, toxic Doritos either.

But we’re far from perfect.

We haven’t figured out a way of buying milk and yogurt without also buying plastic.

Could be such is not at all possible anywhere in metropolitan Australia.

Our deli items and much else besides are likewise embraced in plastic of one sort or another.

Although I’m pretty sure that when it comes to dishwashing liquid and the like that there are more worthy and admirable ways of going about things.

Perhaps most reprehensibly of all, we still leave our places of shopping toting a handful of plastic bags, though they do get routinely re-used.

At least once, for school lunches, footy gear … that sort of thing.

One thing checkout folks have told me is that they’re regularly surprised by some of the items they see in their customers’ baskets.

As in: “Wow – I can’t believe anyone is actually buying that!”

So … how do your shopping baskets shape up?

11 thoughts on “Shopping basket smugness

  1. sorry Kenny but buying fruit and vegies in a supermarket is a strict no-no with me, unless I can only get to shops after 7pm (i.e. weekdays). I figure it’s best to spread the love by buying as much as poss from specialised shops, and bare minimum from supermarkets, which is why I love Milleara Mall – fruit shop, butcher, nuts and grain shop, bakery (used to be two) fish shop, bottle shop (linked to Woolies tho) and two supermarkets for ‘everything else’. Oh – and take your own bags. That way you’re less likely to buy processed foods anyway because the fresh stuff usually wins you over first.


    • Fair enough question! Basically that it never goes away and it kills things, particularly in the oceans. On a more foodie angle, I reckon the more plastic is involved, the less likely any given product is going to be good food. And the more likely it is going to be refined garbage.


  2. I don’t think you have grounds for feeling smug while using plastic bags–and why are you in a shop when you don’t live far from Footscray Market?


  3. My basket is very similar to yours Kenny – it ain’t perfect but when you take budget, time and health into account it comes up pretty good compared to the baskets of many other supermarket shoppers. We can’t all be saints (I’m guilty of plastic too, but I do return them to the supermarket’s own recycling bin) but it’s a matter of doing the best you can whilst still maintaining sanity.


  4. OK–got the ciambotta reference–your memory is better than mine, that was 9 months ago! Thanks for the redcycle tip, but my god, another category to sort the rubbish into!


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