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Bennie and I are yet to return to Spicy Corner in Tullamarine, and are unlikely to do so any time soonish.

But I am delighted to be able to report that this cool, old-school Sri Lankan joint in Tullamarine has become a regular, lovely part of my life.

The food situation at my current place of employment in Airport West remains as dreary as ever.

So I’ve been really happy to play a part in organising Friday “curry runs” to Tullamarine that are proving to be well worth the 20-minute round trip.

Today there were about half a dozen eager and hungry colleagues making inquiries and drawing up a list as early as about 10am.

It’s true that this cheap and simple Sri Lankan foods looks even less stylish and appetising than usual when crammed into plastic takeaway containers.

But it tastes mighty when being wolfed down at our desks.

Even better, the accompaniments to our choices of lamb or chicken curry seem to be changing as the weeks roll by.

Today, for instance, we were blessed with a swell dry green bean dish and a more creamy spud and cauliflower outing.

It’s not super-spicy food, but it does have a kick, thanks mostly to the added dry chilli mix, relishes and chutneys.

And certainly I’m no macho fool when it comes to spice/heat levels.

I have no truck at all, for instance, with the ugly chilliness perpetrated by Crazy Wings.

But today I noticed how profoundly better I felt after lunch when compared with how I felt before lunch.

I’d put it at about 20 per cent better.

I’ve read that there is actually a very real aspect to chilli addiction – if addiction is the right word.

But I reckon a lot of it is also due to very subjective and emotional factors.

Nevertheless, after today’s meal break I felt fully refreshed, of exceedingly good humour, full of goodwill and ready for many more hours of work.

Spicy food?

Hell, yes!

Energy drinks?

Meh …

The heat treatment – couldn’t live without it.

Spicy Corner is at 49 Dawson Street, Tullamarine.

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