A Saturday in Altona



First stop is the sugar-hit haven of Just Sweets.

I’m here to meet new pal Kathy for coffee and talk.

She’s these days running a newish blog – check it out here – so we talk shop.

Even though her site is recipe-based, unlike Consider The Sauce, we find plenty of common ground – especially as she’s a long-time Williamstown resident and has a “real” career very much in the food industry.

With much gaffawing, giggling and eye-rolling, we move from food and restaurants on to careers, families and life in general.

On top of our coffees, Enzo provides us both with delectable choc-covered dry-frozen strawberries. Yum!

As we depart, I promise Enzo I’ll return with Bennie before Christmas for some serious sweet treat business.

Kathy and I wander around the corner to the farmer’s market at Altona Primary School on Blyth St. It’s on the third Saturday of every month.

It’s a very small affair but of high quality and nice vibes.


It’s here we meet Bec of Bec’s Bakes.

She’s from Sunshine, is an eager baker and keen to leverage her passion into some sort of business.

It’s early days, though – this is her first ever market!

Business has been fine, she tells us, as I buy a $5 apple cake to take home.

As Kathy and I say our farewells, my mind turns to the serious matter of lunch.

So I stop at the Greek Grill on Civic Parade – I’m interested to see of this multi-facted chicken shop/burger bar/Greek restaurant hits the spot with its burgers.


My $5.50 cheeseburger with bacon is obviously at the low-budget end of the burger spectrum but shows that good things can be done even at that sort of price.

It’s a quick meal but the tastily real meat is juicy, nicely seasoned and even green-specked with herbs, presumably parsley.

Not bad at all!

The chips are fresh, hot and plentiful but not as excellent as I have been hoping for.

One more stop before home – Altona Fresh on Second Avenue.


 My shopping needs are minimal – some beef-and-pork snags, spuds for a salad, bananas.

But as always, it’s kick to hang out for a while in this outstanding foodie emporium, rubbing shoulders with the ticketed throng crowding around the deli counter.

So happy this place has become part of our regular routine!


2 thoughts on “A Saturday in Altona

  1. Do you know if the honey was local?

    I seldom get to Altona and I’m just around the corner, I must remember that d
    Farmers market thank you for alerting us.


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