The Consider The Sauce Top 10 for 2013


The life of Consider The Sauce is so rich and multi-facted that naming a yearly Top 10 in an attempt to choose and rank our best meals, eateries or experiences of 2013 has proven an impossible task – or maybe I’m just a wuss.

So here is a reflection on our 2013 with a selection of wide-ranging highlights:


1. The Westies: Dishes of Distinction

A year’s planning culminated in an incredibly intense but enjoyable November, which in turn finished in a picnic and awards presentation that were simply brilliant.

So much hard work did we do but it never really seemed arduous.

Thanks to everyone who supported this Consider The Sauce/Footscray Food Blog initiative.

We’ll be back bigger and better next year!


2. The Consider The Sauce Feasts

This year CTS hosted three feasts – at Hyderabad Inn, Vanakkam and Dragon Express.

We loved meeting so many fellow food hounds and we especially thank the three retaurants involved for being so generous and welcoming.

There will be more of the same in 2014, though the format and other arrangements may well change.


3. CTS sigmature dish: Biryani

How much do we love this Indian dish of supercharged rice and its bells and whistles?

Very, very much!

We find it impossible to choose beyween the equally fine versions served by the aforementioned Hyderabad Inn and Vanakkam.

Our firm suggestion is you try them both for yourself.

The biryani at Dosa Hut is a blast, too.

West Footscray rules!


4. CTS signature dish: Burgers

If biryani is the thing for CTS Senior, burgers are it for CTS Junior – and mostly I’m happy to indulge his passion.

The above rendition, eaten at the Spotiswoode Hotel, was pretty good, but Bennie continues to wistfully reminisce about the jalapeno-inflamed beauty we had at Chase Kitchen, also in Spotswood.

We also enjoyed fine or good burgers at Junction Beer Hall and Wine Room in Newport, Sri Murugan in Werribee and Mama Bear in Flemington, and from food trucks Mr Burger and Dude Food Man.


5. Rickshaw Run

We had an absolute ball volunteering for this tasty, rolling romp around Footscray central.

And we’ll be fronting up for more of the same at next year’s Rickshaw Run, which will be held on February 7, 8, 9 and 10, when for the first time it will be under the management of our wonderful and wise friend Lauren, of Footscray Food Blog fame.

Volunteers will be required, so why don’t you join us?

Lauren’s contact details are here.


6. Spicy Corner

Sadly, Bennie and I have visited this lovely Tullamarine Sri Lankan joint just once for a sit down meal.

But I am thrilled that Friday takeaway lunches of their simple, always delicious food have become part of the weekly routine for myself and a goodly group of my colleagues at the Airport West office of my current gig in the journalism world.

I am looking forward to a whole new year of weekly curry hits from this place – especially as, if that situation does indeed eventuate, it will mean I am still employed!


7. Racecourse Road, Flemington

It may not have the same cache as Melbourne’s other, more famed foodie precincts but we love a trip to Racecourse Road.

It’s not a particularly attractive area and the parking can be tricky.

But it packs a surprising punch when it comes to the quality and variety of its offerings.

Our fave remains the lovely welcome and terrific Malaysian-based food to be found at the Grand Tofu – they do a killer laksa!


8. Longest Lutheran Lunch at St Matthews, West Footscray

This was a wonderful Sunday event at which CTS was made to feel very wlecome.

Bennie’s more formal association with Pastor Cecil has ended, but we certainly hope we “stay in touch”!


9. Beyond the west

As ever, CTS enjoyed a number of non-westie eating experiences during the year – even if trips to the CBD have become an outright rarity.

Among the more noteworthy were our brekky on opening day at the swish new Brunetti’s in Carlton and a swell Saturday lunch at Weasel’s Garden Cafe in Richmond.


10. Best decor

Without  a doubt Afghan Master Kebab in Sunshine!

The meat’s a treat, too!


11. Bennie

The junior but no less important member of the CTS team has finished primary school and embarks on his high school adventures next year. More pertinently to this summary, he continually throws himself into our foodie adventures with gusto and is a top-rate companion in every way.

Thanks, mate!

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