Where do you go for a gelati fix?



On Christmas Day, after we’d had our fill of super-spicy food at Dosa Hut, a strong gelati lust came upon us.

Knowing places that sell gelati that were even vaguely local were bound to be closed, we headed cheerfully headed to Lygon Street …

… where we figured, Christmas Day or not, somebody would be selling gelati.


Upper Lygon, lower Lygon and even Brunswick Street – we were luckless.

OK, OK – Christmas Day and all, but … COME ON!

Seriously, had it been any sort of normal day we would for sure have hit Hello Gelo right in Yarraville Village.

We’re first-name regulars and enjoy at-least weekly visits.

We love checking what new flavours Scott has dreamed up and really like one of his latest – gingerbread!

Outside of Hello Gelo and taking in the broader west?

Well, there’s actually four gelati and/or ice-cream emporiums on Nelson Place in Williamstown.

We’ve been customers at all four at one time or another over the years.

But we’ve not warmed to any of them.

Outside of those options, I can’t for the life of me think of any other good gelati joints in the west.

Tips anyone?

7 thoughts on “Where do you go for a gelati fix?

  1. My favorite western suburbs ice cream is IScream in Williamstown. Not many others worth travelling for though. The video store cafe in Barkly Street West Footscray used to have gelato but haven’t checked it out for a couple of years. Beach House cafe in Altona also has gelato, but I was disappointed when I tried that.


      • When I went to the video store a couple of years back, they were using Trianos Gelato which is not made on site, but in Ardeer, so at least it is western suburbs sourced


  2. Gelato primavera at spring st grocer in in the city. Amazingly fresh, flavors change everyday and real ingredients. Good assortment of sorbets and gelato. Not too sweet and sickly like many I have tried. Just a short walk from the fitzroy gardens too. Definitely my fave.


  3. Hi Kenny,

    Long time reader first time comment- I love your blog!

    Trianos at 47 Holt Street Ardeer is worth a visit. They only sell in containers though but made on site. Lovely staff too!


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