Ignoring the bratwurst option



Wing Loong Restaurant, 512 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne. Phone: 9663 1899

This wearing a beret in the heat and the sun is getting ridiculous.

Bennie and I have scoured many of the obvious spots for a dad hat for summer to no avail.

It’s not the prices so much – although there is that – but the fact we simply can’t find one to fit.

What to do?

“Vic Market,” says he.

He’s right.

But first, lunch.

We fancy revisiting one of the popular and reliable places on the stretch of Elizabeth just south of the market – maybe this one, or this one or that one.

But they’re all packed – not a seat to be had.

So we resort to a place we suspect is frequented by many people in the same situation.

Wing Loong should be hotspot, sited as it is right opposite the market and in slightly roomier and very slightly classier premises than its Elizabeth Street neighbours.

But the meal we have is on the down side of average.


To be fair, Bennie gets the best of it.

He really enjoys his meat-laden, tasty pork congee and cleans the bowl in swift fashion.

I’m not so lucky.


It can be hard to define what separates a super Chinese roast-meat-and-rice plate from a drab one.

Whatever it is, my plate doesn’t have “it”.

OK rice, bok choy, quite tender but dull on-the-bone chicken are all in attendance, but lacking the spark to make my lunch in any way memorable.


Same goes for our quartet of steamed beef dumplings.

The place has been quite busy during our stay, and perhaps there’s some real winners on the longish and reasonably-priced menu.

But maybe we shoulda gone for a stand-up bratwurst across the road.



8 thoughts on “Ignoring the bratwurst option

  1. My favourite food around Queen Vic Market is the American places. Public Bar/Miss Katies Crab Shack and Mercat/Fancy Hanks BBQ/Doughboys. I know it’s horribly on trend right now but I just can’t help myself when there is fried chicken and waffles, or brisket on offer.

    Also Yeonga, the newer Korean place around the corner is worth a look. I’ve only been once but I enjoyed it a lot vs the ones along the main strip.


    • Hi there! We actually headed for the Crab Shack the other night, but it was not open. How do you find the cost/quantity equation there? I love the look of what they’re doing, but the photos I’ve seen make the offerings look rather meagre. Didn’t know the Mercat was doing such fare – thanks for the tip!


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